Where the wind takes me

Not having a plan is unheard of these days. No matter who I’m speaking to when asked where I’m headed next my answer produces a disbelieving stare. Is not living on a tight schedule that rare? I’ve never been much of a planner, in my experience they only lead to disappointment. This is life, things happen.

Why am I musing today? Because I tried making some plans. My plan was to spend time in the Tampa Bay area. Have you ever heard of Red Tide? I hadn’t. It’s awful… a toxic algae bloom caused by fertilizers, phosphates and industrial waste being released into the gulf. It worsens asthma, is responsible for marine kills and I felt like my lungs were singed.

I headed down to the Everglades, my favorite area. I could only spend a day there before reacting to another type of algae bloom. I didn’t have the heart to research it, I just headed up the east coast, planning a stop at each of the state and national parks along the way.

Eula-Johnson State Park is beautiful, gorgeous beaches and trails, and iguanas in the wild! It is also across from a cargo (off)loading apparatus and in the landing path of a busy airport. With severe MCS even the fresh air from the ocean couldn’t counteract the heavy pollution and I had to leave quickly.

I headed further up the coast where it’s not so built up (ahem, polluted) and was stopped by the severe cold. I’ve done 20 degree nights, I’d much rather avoid them, especially in Florida! I had to settle for 30 degree nights – cold is better than vertigo, headache, tinnitus, confusion and memory loss.

Life has treated me roughly since the New Year but I’m healing, learning how to adapt better and I did get some nice pictures of scenery.