Watch it: Christmas in Connecticut

Are you in The Spirit, or is the unceasing Christmas music driving you to drink? Since we’re coming down the home stretch of the holidays I decided to talk about a romantic comedy starring Barbara Stanwyk from 1945 that may help lighten the mood… Christmas in Connecticut.

Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyk) has a long running “Diary of a Housewife” column in a popular magazine about cooking and her life on a farm in Connecticut. Everything is going perfectly until her publisher wants to come visit her farm for a traditional Christmas weekend with a war hero. The hero has a nurse that has arranged the plan thinking he’ll want to marry her if he gets a taste of family life.
To keep up with her story Elizabeth needs to find a home in the country, a cook, a husband and a baby! Luckily her friend that’s been trying to convince her to marry him has a farm in Connecticut, her friend the chef will do the cooking and the housekeeper at the farm watches children. Everything is all set… until the weekend starts and everything begins going wrong. And keeps going wrong. And that’s where the movie goes right.
Christmas in Connecticut isn’t my normal fare; a light and fluffy Christmas film with a cute plot. But Stanwyk’s comedic timing is perfect. She takes what would have been a “Hallmark Movie” from the 40’s and makes it a classic. And it’s a great one to break up the stop motion animation films!
By the way, I hear there’s a remake of this movie from the 90’s and, like most remakes, I hear it’s best to avoid it.
Enjoy the holidays!