Read it: The Lodger

The Lodger was written in 1913 by Marie Belloc Lowndes shortly after the famous Jack the Ripper murders.

The Lodger tells the story of an elderly couple at the end of their means, desperate for a way out of the financial ruin ahead of them. Lucky for them, Mr Sleuth appears from the fogs of London to rent a room for more than they had hoped. They are saved. Meanwhile, the Avenger murders are coming closer and closer to home and the police are stumped, including their friend, Joe, who may only be stumped because of his attraction to Daisy, Mr Buntings’ daughter.

The story is told mainly from Mrs Buntings perspective, and told so well that you can feel the depths of her despair as well as her relief when the lodger appears. As the Avenger strikes closer and closer, the clues seeming to point to her lodger, she becomes desperate for something, anything that will prove her suspicions wrong as her inner struggle begins to unhinge her.

This book is masterfully written and if it isn’t at the library it’s available for free on Kindle, so there’s no reason not to read it!