Read it: The Eye of the World, WoT Book 1

I always have at least two books that I’m currently reading and one is always from the Wheel of Time series, usually classic or modern literature for the other(s). I read one after another and then I start over here, at the beginning.

The Eye of the World, book 1 of the Wheel of Time, is the beginning of a truly epic fantasy series. Written by Robert Jordan 1990, this first book pays homage to Tolkien, while remaining an intricate and unique story.

The Eye of the World introduces us to our main character, Rand, as he and his friends learn that they are wanted by the Dark One and leave their tiny village in the night with outsiders. Pursued by the Dark Ones forces, they seek the protection and guidance of the Aes Sedai outsider, while uncertain of her motives. Seperated, reunited and unsure who to trust they are eventually guided by the Pattern (destiny) to the Eye of the World to do battle with the Dark Ones forces.

What I love most about this series is the writing. Jordan has plots within plots within plots, his characters have their own unique personalities and motivations and the world he has created is diverse and immersive. If you enjoy high fantasy as much as I do you’ll want to read this series.

However, if you like a succinct writer, this story is not for you. As a multiple book series a lot of information has to be repeated from book to book- publishers want readers to be able to start from any book in the series. So when you start this series – because I know you love to read as much as I do – be prepared for a lot of pages!