Read It: Storm Front, The Dresden Files Book 1

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a light read… we all have those days when concentration is at a minimum. Those are the times when I’ve read two or three pages and realize I haven’t actually read anything. Days like that I get out a light book like Storm Front, book one of the Dresden Files.

Written by Jim Butcher, the Dresden Files series tells the story of Harry Dresden, the first openly practicing wizard in Chicago. They are murder mysteries with a fantasy twist; fairies, vampires, demons and magic make these books very entertaining.

In Storm Front, Harry is hired to find a missing husband while helping the Chicago Police solve unexplained murders and is to be put on trial himself for those same murders by the White Council (kind of a Police Department for Wizards). Harry must find the missing husband to pay his bills, find the murderer for the police and prove his innocence for those murders to the Council while surviving a dangerously hot vampire, ruthless mobsters, killer tailsmans, demons and more.

I’d tell more the plot but Butcher does it much better than I ever could! These books are well paced and enjoyable. I especially love the main character’s sense of humor and depth. Storm Front is a well written and entertaining book, pick it up at your local library today!

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