New auction: sexy lace top


Hello friends and welcome to my first auction in far too long! I’ve missed showing off my big, natural boobs on the internet. Yes, yes, I’ve had my blog and I always send pictures to my pen pals, but this is more fun.

The naughty librarian’s nipples show through this sheer lace top

My cream colored, sexy lace top has been a long time favorite. I’m not quite sure of the size because I cut out the tags years ago, but I’d have to say it’s a roomy medium or a small large because it fits my big titties, lol. Since this auction is SFW and on the ‘vanilla’ side of ebay, I’ve added a few more pictures here. I don’t want my auction cancelled because someone saw my nipples, lol!

Big natural boobs in a sheer lace top.

This top is everything a top should be: clingy, lacy, sheer and sexy. And it certainly does very little to hide my big boobs!

Anyone that puts in a bid (sorry, cancelled bids do not count) will get access to the Bidder’s Gallery. As the winner of this auction you will get my sheer top, the passwords to the Bidder’s Gallery and the uncensored version of the sexy topless picture at the end of this post, as well as my email address. Be sure to contact me* with your ebay user name for the passwords!

The naughty librarian shows side boob while topless outdoors


*a note on contacting me… I will never make public, share, sell, spam, or do anything else nefarious with your email (or any other private information). If you would like to be extra cautious regarding your privacy, feel free to contact me through ebay, Twitter or Instagram.

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