New auction pictures: sexy fishnet top


Earlier today I listed my sexy pink fishnet top on ebay. It’s a one size fits most junior’s top with long sleeves and thumb-holes. I’ve owned this top for years and it still looks fantastic.

Fishnet is probably my favorite fabric. There is nothing as sheer and sexy as fishnet. You have to admit that my big boobs look absolutely amazing when they have been wrapped in fishnet. The grid pattern of fishnet accentuates the curves of my breasts very nicely. Fishnet emphasizes as it reveals.

I have always enjoyed wearing sexy shirts under my conservative jackets at work, it’s the exhibitionist in me, and this pink fishnet looks great when worn with a black suit. It also looks great worn casually with a black bra and a pair of blue jeans… see for yourself.

The naughty librarian wears her sexy fishnet top with a black bra

My sexy fishnet top is the only item in this auction, my black bra is not included – I just wanted to show you how they look together. Although you can’t see my nipples any longer, this top is still incredibly sexy. And I’m sure you’ll agree, even wearing the bra, my big boobs look great in this sexy fishnet top.

The naughty librarian’s big boobs

There are five sexy pictures for the winner of this auction. You can see the blurred out preview pictures below. Anyone that puts in a bid (sorry, cancelled bids do not count) gains access to the topless and nude Bidder’s Gallery. The winner of this auction gets my sheer top, the passwords to the Bidder’s Gallery and the uncensored version of the sexy topless pictures, as well as my email address. Be sure to contact me* with your ebay user name for the passwords!

*a note on contacting me… I will not ever make public, share, sell, spam, or do anything else nefarious with your email (or any other private information). If you would like to be extra cautious regarding your privacy, feel free to contact me through ebay, Twitter or Instagram.

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