My roof is leaking!

I awoke to the pitter-patter of rain and a small leak coming in through pillar C on the drivers side. Apparently the seam I just did wasn’t done right… I think I know who to blame! Me, lol! Unfortunately there’s a whole lot of rain in the forecast for the next week.

I had intended this post to be on a happier note because my house closing is today. I have a few appointments, some business to finish up (plus a roof seam to reseal) and then I’m heading south. Thank goodness, these 30 degree nights… brr!

It’s a bit of a pickle… the seam needs to be dry while it’s applied and until it’s cured and I don’t have a covered space to do it in. Normally, I’d use my parents garage but they’re having some work done and the workers need the garage, so I had to call around and see if anyone would lend me their garage for several hours. Luckily, my mechanic of 20+ years has an extra bay that he let me use for a few hours.

I got the seam I did a few weeks ago cleaned out, it was like day old bubble gum, what a messy job! After speaking with the manufacturer, the manager of Napa Auto Parts said the sealant needs to be applied in 65 degrees and over. I have to say, that information would have been much more helpful the first time I did it! Furthermore, a product that may not cure correctly under 65 degrees that’s sold in Michigan… THAT information should be on the label, perhaps near the part about curing in an hour, lol!

So, to sum up I sold my house and fixed my leaking minivan roof… I am going to sleep like a babe tonight!