Compassion from strangers

Having MCS is tough. How do you tell someone the “fresh scent” that makes them feel so pretty or sexy is making you sick? How do you tell someone that the smell that makes them think their home is clean is making you nauseous?

…it never goes well.

The chemical industry had provided these toxic petro-chemicals to manufacturers who happily put them in their products and then use psychology to sell them. Consumers believe if clothes don’t smell like a spring meadow, or some other cutsie name, they aren’t clean.

When did we get tricked into thinking that things are only clean if they smell like something they aren’t? And for the record… that is NOT what a spring meadow smells like. Not by a long shot.

MCS makes strangers compassionate and turns friends and relatives into enemies. Strangers will hear my story, some even start crying when realizing the depth of this illness, and ask for more information, wanting to know what’s safe and what to avoid. Loved ones, however, will argue about it… “How can this [product] do that to you?” “It’s just stress.” “It’s all in your head”.

I’m having a hard time doing it any longer… telling loved ones that their scents are making me sick. It’s always met with hurt or hostility. I can’t do it anymore, I just need to be away from people. Away from the chemicals. Away from the conflict. Just away.