Things I Miss: Wildstar mmorpg

There are things from my old, normal life that I really miss… like video games. And my favorite game was the mmorpg Wildstar. Warring factions, alien races, diverse classes, unique profession systems, great lore, fantastic quests, fun events, killer dungeons and raids, amazing graphics and incredible music. Wildstar has everything a mmo needs plus some.

One of the “plus some” Wildstar has is the most amazing player base of any game I’ve ever played. Friendly, helpful and respectful, I’d feel comfortable with my young nephews playing. (I think most of us have experienced the foul mouthed aggression of an average World of Warcraft or Call of Duty player.)

The plusiest of the “plus some” is the housing system. You automatically get a Skyplot that you can make your own with decor that’s looted or bought. Since I’ve been unable to play they’ve even implemented neighborhood feature so you can link your skyplots with your friends.

Pictured are a couple of the skyplots I’ve built so you can see the diversity that Wildstar offers… I thought I had more pictures on my laptop, I’ll have to do a part two of this post, the pics I thought I had are on my desktop in storage. You can also check out more on youtube by searching “Wildstar housing tours”. Kaeret, an amazing builder, does live streams and videos of housing tours and more.

I hope to get better soon so I can see you all on Nexus!