I miss taking a bath

Taking a bath seems like such a small thing and was something that I took for granted. I’ve always loved baths… relaxing in the hot water with a good book and a cup of tea is heavenly. Don’t get me wrong, a good shower is great, but going more than two weeks without a hot bath? No thanks.

Since I’ve been unable to stay indoors I’ve been doing my bathing outdoors or in my minivan… yes, it is cramped! I get clean daily but there’s nothing relaxing or luxurious about it. It’s better in the summer if I can find a place to bathe outside. During the winter I’m usually bathing in the minivan… with the heat on.

One day I will be able to be indoors again and when that happens I’m getting into a hot, deep, relaxing bath! So please cut down on using those toxic chemicals; every little bit helps!