Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! But before we go any further I have to ask… which do you prefer? Legs or breasts? 😉

Today is my first turkey-less Thanksgiving (I’m a vegan now) and NO, I’m not going anywhere near that vegan Tofurkey, lol. I’ve heard it tastes good but NO.

Back home, mom is making a big traditional Thanksgiving meal for the family. The family I can’t be around because they like their toxic fragrances more than me. Or perhaps it’s the conveniences they prefer over me. Either way, my chemically sensitive, vegan ass is going to make some vegetable briyani in my rice cooker today.

A Thanksgiving tradition I can still take part in is being thankful. I have a few amazing friends; the ones that are there for you no matter what. I’m thankful for old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes and Rifftrax. (I’m going to have my own Turkey Day Marathon!) And I’m thankful that I’m old enough to remember the word “turkey” used to describe a… a tool, I guess. I can’t come up with an appropriate word that isn’t vulgar which is why the word “turkey” needs a comeback! Join with me, you non-turkeys!

I hope you all enjoy the day and remember your blessings, even if you’re blessed with an incredibly dysfunctional family.