A Christmas Miracle

I got to the state park early yesterday where I had planned to get some awesome pics for today. The fog was so thick, it was beautiful, and also a little spooky looking.

When the fog burned off the day really heated up and I decided to move the minivan to a shady spot… it wouldn’t start. Plenty of power but no turnover, or even clicking. I called for a tow and went down to see the lake, which I hadn’t seen earlier due to heavy fog.

While down at the lake I met a nice mechanic who said he’d take a look at it. Turns out he was able to fix it, right there at the park. Poor guy worked for hours in the lot until it was finally fixed, well after dark.

Yes, a total pain, a car breaking down at a park, on a Sunday that also happens to be Christmas Eve. I had been looking at spending the next few days in my van at a closed dealership, things could have gone so much worse. Soooo much worse! Truly a Christmas Miracle!

To those of you who celebrate this time of year: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Blessed Yule, Ramadan Mubarak & Happy Boxing Day! And if you’re not the religious type: Happy Monday!

ps: I truly hate overlooking the beliefs of others… if I’ve missed a holiday or three, please let me know!