Fresh air and rain

I’m back in the fresh air again. Of course, nothing is perfect, it has been raining since I arrived, lol. I was lucky to escape Florida, the warming weather meant more people going out to do things which means more petro-chemical fragrances. Yuk.

I still want to travel, I’ve never been west of Minneapolis, but it seems I need to wait until the MCS isn’t so severe. I hope that one day I’m either better enough to be around other people or that people speak up and demand that their name brand products don’t use cheap petroleum by-products for fragrances. Remember friends, we vote with our dollars.

In the meanwhile I’m reading and looking at property and listening to the rain. It involves breathing fresh, clean air – I have no complaints. Except that I can’t get pictures like this! However, I did find a great nude picture I took awhile ago to share with you instead!