Erotic story: Through the Window by Pegasus59

I had to share this erotic story… sexy and believable, this is naughty voyeur gets a treat while cleaning windows.

Through the Window by Pegasus59

Manoeuvring the ladders past the garage and down to the garden at the back of the house, I thought I saw movement in the bedroom window. I stepped back but didn’t see anything. I was certain I saw someone near the bedroom door but maybe it was just shadows.

It’s a single story home and I only needed the ladders to clean the window of the bedroom from the lower garden. I continued down the steps and placed the ladders in position under the window.

After setting the ladders, I climbed up to clean the back bedroom window. Again, I thought I saw movement as I got high enough to see in, but once again, there didn’t appear to be anyone inside the bedroom.

I continued to climb higher up the ladder and as I cleaned the window, I occasionally peered inside hoping the movement I thought I saw earlier would appear before me. Unfortunately I was to be disappointed.

Finishing the window I folded the ladders and carried them back up to place them by the side of the garage. I would only need the small steps for the remaining windows and continued to the next window which was the bathroom. This time as I climbed the steps I know I saw movement behind the glass. Regrettably, due to the frosted glass it was impossible to see anything distinct.

Finishing the bathroom window, I moved onto the next one which was another bedroom. The sun was reflecting off the glass as I climbed the small steps so I didn’t see into the bedroom at first. It wasn’t until I was part way up and my body shielded the glass from the sun that I could clearly see inside. There was no doubting my eyes this time.

Right there before me through the window, was the lady of the house. Such was my surprise at the vision inside I grabbed hold of the small open window at the top to stop myself from falling off the steps.

Dressed only in a white bra with matching panties, white stockings and white high heels, she stood with her back towards me by the end of the bed. Her long blond hair fell over her shoulders and upper back. I was completely captivated as she turned towards the window and moved to the side of the bed closest to where I stood rooted to the spot.

Surely she must have seen me but made no indication of noticing that I was standing directly outside the bedroom staring in at her. I continued to watch through the window as this long legged, blue eyed blond bent down to pick a little bag off the floor. This presented me with a wonderful view of her delicious backside and long, long legs.

She appeared to stay in this position for longer than necessary, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. In fact, I was becoming quite turned on.

Throwing the little bag in front of her, she crawled onto the bed on all fours after it. The movement of her gorgeous, rounded backside almost had my cock bursting through my zipper.

Kneeling up, she reached behind and ran her hands over her buttocks. She continued down the backs of her thighs until she fell forward onto the bed with her face and shoulders pressed into a pillow at the opposite side. Once again I was presented with an amazing view of her beautiful rear, encased in taut, white panties. The shape of her pussy, clearly visible under the thinly stretched gusset and the naked flesh of her thighs, so erotic above the white stocking tops.

I realised that I was holding my breath, afraid to move in case the spell was broken. Did she realise I was just outside, fixated on her exhibitionism. Or was she really so pre-occupied on pleasuring herself that the voyeur at the window had gone unnoticed.

My voyeurism through the window carried on as she caressed her backside, her hands massaging and pulling at her buttocks. One hand went underneath her front and into the waistband of her panties. She slipped her hand further inside whilst moving her knees further apart. With her exquisite rear pointing directly towards me I could clearly see her hand reach her pussy under her panties.

I’d completely forgotten about cleaning the window as I watched her fingers move under the tight gusset of her underwear. I was imagining pulling those knickers aside and slipping my cock into her hot, wet love tunnel. My cock was straining to be set free of the confines of my jeans.

She reached back with her other hand and slowly pulled her knickers to one side. It was as if she’d just read my mind. I thought then that surely she must know I’m watching her and this was her just teasing me further.

With her face and shoulders still pressed into the pillow and her pussy completely exposed, I watched her slip one, then a second finger between her glistening, wet pussy lips. With smaller of the windows open, I could hear her moans of ecstasy as her fingers worked faster and faster into her hot, tempting pussy.

Slipping her fingers from between her lust swollen pussy lips, the lady of the house turned her face towards me. Smiling and staring right into my eyes, she placed her fingers into her mouth and shamelessly sucked and licked them clean. I almost exploded on the spot.

I continued to watch her as she opened the little bag on the bed next to her. After pulling out a black vibrator and rubbing some lubricant over the end, she put her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and slipped them over her lovely round backside. Still on her knees on the bed and with her legs wide apart they stretched taught and stopped at the top of her thighs, just clear of her beautiful, smooth honey pot.

Still on top of the steps I released my hot, hard and throbbing cock while I watched this unashamed show of blatant exhibitionism. Slowly I stroked my hand up and down its length whilst watching the woman on the bed place the head of the vibrator against her pussy.

With her head and shoulders still resting on the bed, leaving her delightful backside high and pointing in my direction, her glistening, wet pussy was openly exposed to me. I just stared, absorbed in this captivating display of exhibitionism. I could clearly see the vibrator slowly slip between her lust swollen and soaked pussy lips. I heard her gasp as she slowly pushed it all the way inside herself, raising her head to look directly at me, a knowing smile on her beautiful face.

Standing on the steps on the opposite side of the glass, slowly stroking my rock hard shaft, I watched her show herself off to me. The black vibrator moving in and out between her smooth pussy lips causing her to moan with the pleasure it was giving her.

With one hand working the vibrator and the fingers of the other spreading her pussy lips and massaging her clitoris, she watched me as my hand increased its pace on my stiff cock. I could see the mischievous smile on her face, giving away how much she was enjoying her shameless show of sexual abandonment.

The artificial black cock was buzzing and moving faster and faster inside her, the tension building within as she got closer and closer to climax. Her panties still part way down her thighs seemed to restrict her movement, so bringing her knees together, she slipped them all the way past her knees and turning onto her back, pulled them over her high heels. Now lying back on the bed facing me with her legs wide apart, she stretched the waist band of her panties and let them go straight at me.

With the knickers landing on the window ledge just in front of me and this beautiful blonde lying stretched out on the bed on the other side of the glass, teasing me, I felt like I was about to burst. I could barely contain my excitement and so much wanted to have her gorgeous, almost naked body against mine. To caress her magnificent, full breasts and to feel my tongue and hands glide over her smooth, silky skin.

Slipping off the bed and stepping over to the window, she turned the handle and pushed the large window open. Reaching out, she wrapped a hand around my pulsing cock and pulled me towards her. With her other hand, she beckoned me inside through the window.

Slipping off her lacy white bra and laying back down on the bed dressed only in white stockings and high heels, she watched me climb inside and step down from the window ledge.

I kicked my shoes off and watched as one of her fingers slipped between her glistening, wet pussy lips. Her other hand was massaging one of her beautiful round breasts, pulling it up towards her mouth so she could lick at the nipple. She played with herself as she watched me remove all of my clothes, dropping them on the floor to stand completely naked at the foot of the bed.

Still teasing her own body with her hands, she watched me walk around the side of the bed. My rock hard cock led the way until I was standing directly above her head, my stiff cock now only inches from her face.

A shiver went through me when I felt her tongue on me. I always keep myself cleanly shaven so her tongue was on bare flesh and the sensation was wonderful as her tongue licked along my naked skin. Her hands came up around behind my thighs and I felt her pull me forward against the edge of the bed. With my knees pinned, I slowly allowed myself to go forward with my head falling conveniently between her wide open legs. My face was now only inches from the delicious looking pussy that only minutes before was only a fantasy through a window.

I was now in the sixty-nine position with the beautiful blond exhibitionist that was moments before, exposing herself to me through the window I was cleaning. With my knees either side of her on the bed, I felt her take my stiff cock in her hand and rub it along the side of her face and around her lips. I let out an involuntary moan as I felt her tongue softly lick the head.

After a few moments she continued licking and kissing along its length to my cleanly shaven balls and back again. I felt the wonderful sensation of her soft lips kissing the tip of my throbbing cock and then let slide slowly into her mouth. I almost climaxed there and then, but somehow managed to hold back.

With my cock buried deep in her mouth I lowered my face between her creamy white thighs, licking softly towards her smooth, wet pussy. Licking between the folds of her lips, I felt her shudder when my tongue reached her clitoris. Sliding both hands under her gorgeous round buttocks I pulled my face against her, my mouth taking possession of her pussy and tasting her sweet nectar as my tongue probed deep inside her.

Still in the sixty-nine position I rolled us over so that she was now on top. Her mouth still pleasuring my throbbing cock and my face remaining pressed between her open legs. I could hear her muffled moans as my tongue continued to lick and tease, my mouth kissing and sucking her exquisite pussy.

We continued like this for a few minutes more when suddenly I felt her buck her hips forward onto my mouth. Short spasmodic jerks told me she was coming and I sucked hard on her clitoris, flicking it with my tongue, intensifying her orgasm. My cock was pressed against the side of her face and I felt her hands grip my backside hard as she came. Again and again I felt her shudder and press her pussy onto my face, her orgasm coursing through her body, absorbing her into her own ecstatic rapture. She was completely lost in her own moment of extreme personal pleasure.

I rolled her over onto her stomach on the bed and knelt behind her, lifting her backside up, exposing her hot, wet pussy directly in front of my rock, hard cock. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down between her wet, slippery pussy lips before slowly pushing it deep inside her hot love tunnel.

With her backside pushed up and her legs wide, I slid my cock all the way inside her with ease. Her loud moans of pleasure were muffled by her face being buried in the pillow. She reached underneath and massaged my balls as I grabbed hold of her hips and pressed forward into her as hard as I could. I could feel the walls of her pussy clenching and unclenching around my throbbing cock as I held onto her, savouring the feeling of being deep inside her.

Slowly I pulled back, watching my glistening cock slide out of her hot, wet pussy. Still holding onto her hips I thrust forward again, listening to her muffled moan of ecstasy into the pillow. I quickened my pace, thrusting back into her, harder and faster with each stroke.

It wasn’t long before I could feel my pleasure building and listening to the sounds coming from my blonde haired lover on the bed before me I knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached climax again.

Holding onto her beautiful rounded backside and watching my stiff cock slide in and out past her lust swollen pussy lips I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. I tried to hold back as much as I could to make sure she came again before I was finished but I knew it would be a close thing.

Plunging in and out of her gorgeous pussy harder and faster I could feel the intensity building and I knew I could not last any longer. Listening to her ecstatic moans and gasps and feeling her push back hard to meet me driving my shaft into her tight pussy pushed me over the edge and I was there.

With a few final thrusts deep inside her, my cock exploded into her hot, welcoming pussy. At the same time I felt her body shudder and jerk as we came together, both of us shaking with the intensity of our mutual orgasm.

We stayed like that for a few moments longer before I fell onto her back, pressing her down onto the bed, my throbbing cock enjoying the sensation of her warm, velvety pussy walls grasping and clenching me as we lay still on the bed for a few moments. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped each beautiful full breast in my hands and gently kissed her back, neck and shoulders, thoroughly enjoying the awareness of having her soft skin against mine.

Slowly she turned around underneath me and kissed me softly on the lips and with a big smile on her face said, “That was amazing Spider. But you’d better get those windows finished. And if you do a good job I might bring a friend next time.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I looked at Jay’s smiling face and picking up my clothes, left to get our windows finished. But this time, through the door.

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