Erotic story: The Ticket

I recently recieved this incredibly hot story, written by Scarlet F, about a police officer that’s kind enough to help a nice lady out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Ticket, written by Scarlet F.

The gym doors opened with a creak. Outlined from the sun a solitary figure entered the large area and walked towards the group doing aerobics. The heavy tramping of boots could be heard quite audibly as the figure walked towards the group. As he approached it was obvious that a police officer was approaching. His frame was commanding and he approached as if on a mission. As he approached the collective group the instructor, Jen, stopped. “May I help you officer?”

I scanned the group of students all clad in workout gear until my eyes lifted to the instructor. Her radiant visage was beyond compare. I looked hungarily at her hot body clad only in a sports bra and skimpy tight shorts. I did have a mission and I had to get it done. I stopped and stated only this, “I need a word with the instructor. Sorry to disrupt your class”. I turned and walked towards the offices and stopped waiting for Jen to lead me. I noted that the clock showed the class was almost over… I didn’t feel bad, I knew what I had in mind.

Jen grabbed her towel slinging it over her neck wiping her face. She dismissed the class rapidly and led me to a secluded office. I entered and she followed locking the door behind her. “I’ve been waiting for you….” she whispered. I said nothing but moved towards her grabbing her roughly and pressed my lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around me and I held her tightly.

“I missed you lovely lady….a lot” I ran my finger down her arms and around to her hips. I’d come with very important business on my mind and began to do that. I reached down and and began to suck on her sweaty neck. I moved quickly expecting submission. This was what I expected…this was what I got. I worked down her taunt body to her scanty sports bra. I circled my lips on the light fabric around her nipples which raised in expectation. With my index finger I lifted the cloth and allowed her full breasts to break free. I held her breasts and lifted them together to my awaiting lips.

Flicking my tongue accross her nipples I glanced upwards and watched as her head tipped back in pleasure. I lowered my armor clad body to my knees as I held her breasts. Licking her midsection as I go. I reach her damp shorts and place my nose against her soft pussy. Smelling the sweet fragrance I purr “ummmm…. I like this….” I push my nose in and exhale warm moist air. My hands reach down for the firm ass which I grasp strongly. Holding her against me so she can’t get away.

I then slowly pull down the stretchy fabric and remove her shorts exposing the tender full pussy lips begging to be kissed. My tongue extends and I flick the lips with my wet lips as the tongue probes her inner reaches. I push her soft thighs apart to gain better access. My tongue parts the soft lips and goes up to the hood of her clit. I find the soft member and suckle it softly. I draw it in and release it from my mouth. For several minutes I rub and suck…. rub and suck…. until I begin to feel Dee climax in my mouth. Her juices flow freely onto my awaiting face and I lap eagerly at the moisture.

Jen shivers in the orgasm and I rise to my feet. I unzip my fly and pull out my engorged cock damp in its own fluids. The cock springs out as it is released from its bonds. I take Jen by the arm and move her to the desk. I sweep it clean with a swift movement and place her on her chest on the desk. Her sweet ass is presented in a beautiful picture and I circle around behind her.

“oooohhhh…. very nice, Jen….” I rub the ass cheeks softly in small circles and let my cock move accross both cheeks. My head trails liquid accross the cheeks and slips into the crack tracing her anus and lower pussy lips. “Are you ready, Jen?”

“Yes, baby… I’m yours, take me, officer!” I push her warm cheeks open exposing her lovely tunnel. I move forward and my turgid cock enters to the head inside of her. She quivers as do I and the heat is remarkable. I move the head of my cock along the inner walls and quickly push the entire length in. Heat overwhelms me as the heat of Jen consumes me in a passionate embrace. I squeeze in to her soft folds until my balls are held tight against the front of her pussy.

I pull back quickly…. and push in deeply.

My ass pumps me constantly inside of Jen…. I stroke hard and repeatedly allowing the pleasure to run over me as Jen’s juices run freely over my cock. The deeper I push the more she notices I’m still fully clad in my gunbelt. I move swiftly and with determination. For several minutes my stroking is fast and determined. I feel Jen tighten as another orgasm comes over her. The juices continue to pour over my stiff cock and I purr with excitement as my own begins to mount.

I lean into her as my strokes build…. I feel the heat well up in my balls…. knowing that I am about to explode. “Jen…. I’m going to cum….” A look of pleasure comes over my face as my cock slams in. Once, twice, thrice more and my cock errupts in a mounted orgasm. Cum pours forth as I empty myself…. giving myself up….

I strain against the opposing forces pulling me in and drawing me out. Juices pour forth as my cock continues to rock back and forth…. the pleasure causes me to be dizzy…. I hold her ass for support.

As my climax subsides I push myself completely in allowing the mixed cum to cover my balls. I lay upon Jen’s back as she rested on the desk. For several moments I rest and then pull back and out. Jen raises to her feet and I turn her around. Brushing the hair from her eyes I hold her chin up. I give her a soft kiss on her lips and I ask “….did you have a parking ticket I needed to take care of?” A devilish grin covers my face as I spy it on the floor. I step back and compose myself placing my soaked cock back into my pants. Lifting the ticket I tell her softly “….don’t worry about this…” I turn quickly and walk to the door pausing suddenly. I do not turn around but she hears me exhale and begin to speak.

“If I do not leave now…. I will not leave. Please don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me yet. I will be back.” I turn and look, my eyes taking in the beautiful sight of her naked body…. “God you are beautiful”. I open the door and leave without another word.

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