Erotic story: Naming Her Price by Xenome

I found this very naughty story about a young couple that meets a friend for drinks… then their evening turns into a very wild affair! This erotic story was written by Xenome and has been reposted from

Naming Her Price by Xenome

“It’s like I always say – all women are whores.” Yep. That’s the sentence that started it all. Kim was getting madder with every word my friend Kevin said. His girlfriend had just dumped him and he was feeling bitter. Kim had understood at first but now she was just downright angry.

“Easy, buddy,” I said. “I happen to be married to a woman.” Kim nodded as if to acknowledge that I had spoken well. Kevin just shook his head like he didn’t want to hear me.

“I’m sorry, Kim,” He said, taking a few swigs of his beer. “I’m just saying that all women have their price. It’s just their nature.” He was digging this hole deeper by the minute. I’d have to drag Kim out of the bar soon.

Kevin had called me up just as Kim and I were leaving to catch a movie. He sounded like he was drunk already. I had trouble counting the number of times he’d gone on week long benders because some woman had tired of his coarse manner. During the first few of these crises, I assumed that the women he dated were attracted to the fact that he was a tall black man. Most of the women he got involved with were white with the occasional Asian woman or Latina. We can all pretend we live in a more enlightened world where race isn’t a factor, but when it comes down to it, most white women sleep with black men for the exoticness. When they feel the need to start shopping for a husband they head for the Dockers rack.

Once Kevin passed the dozen marker on ex-girlfriends, I thought he was defying the odds in attracting only shallow women. Kim felt that it was because of his lack of couth. I came to agree with her. He didn’t have a game face. He talked with and about women as if he were just hanging out with the guys. Women will stand for being called bitches, whores, and sluts for only so long. Eventually they want to go see a chick flick and cuddle on the couch. They, so I’m told, don’t like men who ogle their breasts constantly or tell their friends they have to ‘take the bitch home and drill her’.

Kim told me once that she would bet good money that Kevin had no idea what color her eyes were, but could rattle off her cup size. To tell you the truth I couldn’t tell you her cup size. I guess a C cup bordering on a D. She carries them well. She stands only 5′ 3″ tall with curly blonde hair and one of those strikingly beautiful faces that border somewhere between angelic and ice cold. Her eyes are grayish green. She’s what Kevin would call a spinner. Her breasts look a little large for her small frame. Her flat abdomen and tight ass just make you want to bend her over the nearest flat surface.

We had expected the theatre to be cold so she had worn a sweater to the bar. After a few minutes she was off to the lady’s room to strip down to a plain white t-shirt. When she came out she asked me if I could see her nipples. She had foregone wearing a bra. I lied through my teeth and told her I couldn’t since it was so dark. In reality I could clearly make out her areola. Kevin and I had roughly the same taste in women, and if he was going to stare at her tits anyway, he might as well get an eyeful.

“Their all the same,” he continued. “It’s all ‘Kevin, I love your big black cock,’ or ‘Kevin, you fill me up more than any other man’. Then they run off with the first pencil-dicked white boy with a Jaguar that offers them a drink.” He downed his beer and flagged down the waitress. “No offense, Eric.”

“None taken,” I replied. “I drive a VW.” We both chuckled. Kevin and I had gone through high school together. He was the only black kid in the suburbanite school and I was a bit of a geek. So we teamed up as misfits. I was late to reach puberty and was therefore the butt of a lot of little weenie jokes in the locker room. Kevin, on the other hand, was reinforcing a stereotype and was hung like thoroughbred. His meat swung heavy and low. As he grew to 6′ 4″ it grew in proportion and rumors of his package made him a bit of a local legend. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d put it at 7 ½” long when he’s dangling. Suddenly girls were hanging all over him.

I finally started maturing in our junior year and neared 6′ tall. I assumed my dick would keep pace. I kept waiting for it to grow. I still am. It never got any longer than 4 ¼” hard, although it did fatten up a bit to about 5″ around. Kim calls it her little fireplug, saying that it fit her just fine. I eventually accepted the fact that it wasn’t going to get any longer. Kim never complains and it’s roughly the size of the vibrating toys she keeps in the bedside drawer.

The waitress came by and we placed our order. Kevin took the time to pay a courtesy to her ass. She smiled uncomfortably and walked away.

“I could tap that ass tonight,” he declared. “I wonder what her going rate is.” Kim wadded up a bar napkin and managed to hit him square in the forehead with it.

“You are an ass.” She must have felt that she was pointing out the obvious. “I married Eric right out of high school when he had a shit job and not much in the way of prospects. How does that make me a whore?” She looked at him expectantly.

“Well, maybe you haven’t done any whoring yet,” he said. The hole he was digging was rapidly approaching China. “But that’s just because nobody has named your price. The minute that someone does, you’ll be pressing those big beautiful titties in his face.”

I got out my wallet and through a few dollars on the table for the waitress. Kevin had finally crossed the line. I figured this would take about a year to iron out. I was wrong. Kim just started laughing and threw my napkin at him.

“I told you he was staring at my boobs,” she exclaimed. She continued to laugh, then closed her eyes and asked, “Kevin, what color eyes do I have?” He looked perplexed. I was just relieved that she hadn’t been mortally offended.

“Shit, I don’t know. Blue?” She laughed some more and opened her lids.

“Wrong, pig,” she said. “Can’t you look a woman in the eyes when you talk to her? Women like to pretend that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying.” The waitress came and delivered our beers. I ordered a round of tequila.

“Why the hell would I want to look at your eyes, when you’ve got those sexy things stretching out that little t-shirt?” He asked, never taking his eyes from her now hardening nipples. I was a little dismayed that this talk was getting her hot, but knew I’d reap the reward when we got home. Talk away, Kevin.

“Why are men so enthralled by these things? You’ve all sucked on them before. Why don’t you get all bothered by our arms or knees? It isn’t any different. It’s just what society has drilled into you.” To prove her point she looked quickly around the bar and then grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt with both hands and flashed Kevin. He looked about as flushed as a dark skinned black man can, and stared eagerly at her chest as the top came back down a second later.

“Thank you, society,” he said. The waitress came by with our shots. I was regretting ordering them, and wished that I had asked for food instead. Kim and I had planned to catch dinner after the movie. I suspected that the alcohol was stripping away her inhibitions a bit too much. On the bright side, Kevin wasn’t thinking about his recent breakup.

“If they’re no different than an arm or a knee, then why can’t I touch them that way without some bitch slapping me?” he asked. He was now just plain gawking at her pointing nipples. “Why can I shake your hand or give you a hug, but if I cup your tits with my hands you’d scream bloody murder?”

Now Kim was blushing. With her light complexion it was much more obvious. She decided to try for a change of topic. She grabbed her shot glass and raised it.

“Here is to better days,” she offered. Kevin and I echoed her and down they went. Kim was quick to order another round and we proceeded to get pretty buzzed. I held my water as long as I could but eventually gravity got the better of me and I had to go to the men’s room. I was half tempted to ask Kevin to come with me, but men don’t do that. I didn’t want the mood to turn sour when I was away, and I feared that Kevin might get a little aggressive. That said, I had to go.

When I stood, Kevin did too. Gravity works on everyone. We pissed the way men do; eyes forward and no talking. Kevin finished before I did and headed back out to the bar saying he’d get us a round for last call. I nodded and waited while I relieved myself of three times what I’d taken in.

When I finally came out, Kevin was sitting in the booth with Kim. I decided not to get jealous and took the seat opposite them. We each had another shot and a beer. Kevin waited for me to get situated and then lifted his glass and said, “To tits!” I missed echoing the toast because I didn’t know how Kim would react. She belted out the words and drank her shot.

Kevin put his hand on her arm. His big dark hand made her look tiny. “So, this is your arm,” he said. His rubbed her arm and said, “You’re right. There is nothing sexual about this.” He dropped his hand below the table and reached toward her.

“Okay, now this is your knee,” He began rubbing her again. She was biting her upper lip and smiling at me nervously, trying to judge my reaction. I stayed cool about it, deciding that she’d put a stop to it if he became to forward. “I don’t know if that’s sexual to you, but it sure as hell is doing something for me!”

“Okay,” he said. “According to your theory, there should be no difference between that and rubbing your tits, right.” She nodded, still biting her lip. “Slide down a little, woman. We don’t want to give the whole bar a show.” She slid down until only her head was visible. She must have kicked off her shoes, because a soft foot started massaging my erection. My dick had gone and gotten excited all of its own accord. Kim took this as permission to let Kevin continue his experiment.

He reached his other hand under the table and it occurred to me that he was still rubbing with the first hand. Her knees were too far away for him to rub. She was letting my best friend feel up her pussy. She must have been feeling good, because she was biting her lip hard and her eyes were closed. I’m sure that Kevin didn’t notice.

Before long he had his hand up under her shirt and was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was writhing in her seat. From my angle I could just barely make out the tops of her breasts as he pulled her t-shirt above her tits and felt her up. He even bent down and sucked on her nipples. She was pressing on my dick like it was a gas pedal and she was late for work. Then the lights came on. It was time to go.

Kim let him suck on her tits a few moments longer before sitting up. She didn’t get her shirt pulled down on time and gave the few remaining drunks a free show. Kevin was still using the hand that wasn’t choking down the last of his beer to make Kim moan. She was shaking a bit as she drank some of her beer. I reached down to adjust my own uncomfortable hard-on.

“It’s time to go, guys,” the waitress said as she collected our empties. Then her eyes widened a bit as she figured out why my wife was squirming.

“Sure thing, hottie,” Kevin said. “Just give me a few moments so I can stand up, sweet thing.” He pointed down at his crotch and the waitresses eyes opened even wider. She nodded and hurriedly finished cleaning up before scurrying away.

“I suppose we should tip her well,” he suggested. He pulled out his wallet and stopped rubbing, I suspected, my wife’s pussy. He fished some bills from his wallet and I did the same.

“Ready to go?” Kim asked impatiently, gathering up her purse and sweater. It looked like she was snapping her jeans back up.

“Not just yet, Kim,” Kevin said. Then he grabbed her arm and placed it in his lap. “See, it isn’t much different than touching an arm.” She kept her hand beneath the table a while, I knew she was rubbing his massive erection.

“No kidding,” she said. “It almost feels like an arm.” Kevin slapped at her hand.

“That’s enough, bitch,” he snapped. “We’ll never get out of here if you keep rubbing my cock.” This was the first time he had described the events below the table top. My own dick was hard and twitching. I would have no trouble walking, but I was awfully bound up in my briefs. After a few more minutes we left.

We debated in the parking lot for a while about who was sober enough to drive. None of us were. I suggested that we walk home. It was a warm night and Kim and I only lived a few blocks from the bar.

When we turned off the main street into the neighborhood, Kevin wasted no time coming up behind Kim and reaching up her shirt. She leaned back into him and started rubbing his cock which had grown stiff down his pant leg. She fumbled clumsily with his belt and zipper. He unsnapped her jeans with one hand and worked the zipper down. He slipped his long fingers into the front of her panties. She had her hand in his pants and was stroking his pole. All I could do was watch and rub myself. I wanted badly to watch my best friend fuck my wife. Kim moaned.

That’s when a dog barked and I realized, in my drunken state, that they were practically fucking right there on the street and a few houses still had lights on.

“Hey you two,” I said. “You’re going to get us arrested. Let’s at least make it home or to the park at the end of the street.” Kevin pulled away from my wife and took off his belt, he handed it to me. Kim misunderstood and removed her t-shirt. Her bared breasts were beautiful in the streetlights. Kevin’s attention and the open air had made her nipples stand out crinkled and erect.

“Come on, baby,” Kevin said. “Let’s get to the park. I’ve got a ride for you.” He reached into his undone pants, and struggled to stand his cock upright. When he finally managed to wrangle out his meat, it was massive and sticking out well above the waistband of his briefs. Kim’s mouth hung open in disbelief. She kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her pants while I whispered urgently that we couldn’t do this there.

Even in the dim light I could tell her white panties were sopping. I bent and gathered her belongings and we started rushing toward the park. Kim looked like an unearthly fantasy as she streaked down the street. Her breasts were bouncing and her ass jiggled slightly. She had pulled well ahead of Kevin and me. Before she darted into the park, she stopped and stripped off her panties, wadding them up the way she had her bar napkin and throwing them over a fence into someone’s backyard. Well, that would be a surprise for someone in the morning.

Kevin and I walked over a small tree-lined hill that led to the playground. When we reached the bottom, Kim was waiting there naked and kneeling. She looked sexy as hell in the dim light. Her tits were perfect hanging globes. My gaze shifted to her flat abs and down to where her fingers massaged her nicely shaved pussy.

“Someone is already there,” she whined. Sure enough, I could just make out three shapes at a small pavilion on the other side of the park. I guessed that they were teenagers out past curfew.

“That’s all right,” Kevin said. He took off his shoes and pants and stood in front of Kim, so his cock was right in front of her face. The light from the street barely illuminated them, but I could see her clearly as she pulled down his briefs. With his underwear out of the way his cock fell forward. It landed directly on her face with the head resting on her forehead. It was nearly obscured her face and was without a doubt more than twice the size of my modest dick. Kim grabbed it with both hands and licked the length of his shaft before rubbing its head all over her face and tits.

“The size of a child’s arm,” she gasped. I was tired of not participating and undressed, forgetting my modesty. I started jacking off and stood beside Kevin. My cock looked very pale and small in comparison to his 9 ½”. I have always been happy with my width but his tool had to be over 7″ around. Kim grabbed hold of my hard-on with one hand while pumping Kevin’s with her other. With her hand wrapped around my dick only the head was exposed. Holding his black cock by the base, he still had more meat exposed than I had meat.

It started sprinkling. The cool drops felt good on my sweating skin. Kim flicked her tongue around the head of my dick before devoting the majority of her attention to Kevin’s cock. She slobbered on it hungrily. She worked it in and out of her mouth furiously, gagging occasionally and wiping the streaming saliva and pre-cum from her chin. After choking, she’d give herself a breather and suck on my dick a bit before returning to his monster cock. Eventually she learned to relax or had found the right angle because she was working a good length of it down her throat without gagging. I was back to having to jack off, but was enjoying the show.

There was a long low rumble of thunder in the distance and the rain started falling harder, we all ignored it. I got behind Kim and kneaded her tits while she blew my buddy. Kevin had a handful of her hair and was face fucking her savagely, letting her up for air occasionally. I reached down and started rubbing her wet pussy. I fingered her a little and then grabbed her by the hips and raised her up so I could fuck her from behind.

My dick slipped into her well lubed pussy easily and I began thrusting into her hard and fast. Another peal of thunder let loose. This time it was directly overhead. It started to pour down rain. There were flashes of lightning off in the distance. I ignored it and just kept fucking my wife. She was giving Kevin such a great blowjob that I doubted he even knew it was raining. Then a great boom of thunder startled us all.

Kim let out a little scream. “Let’s go,” she said, standing up and hurrying toward the pavilion. Kevin followed right after her. I started to gather our clothes, but there were too many of them and they were already soaked, so I just grabbed Kim’s purse and hurried to catch up with them.

When we reached the pavilion, we were in the middle of a full fledged thunderstorm. Three boys in high school letterman jackets were sitting on a picnic table staring at us in amazement. I recognized one of them as Roger, our paper boy. They were all staring intently at Kim who was looking hot as hell with her perky nipples and wet skin. Her wet hair was plastered to her head. The boys had obviously been enjoying the show. They all had bulges in their jeans. I could easily make out the hill we had just left.

“Hey, boys,” Kim greeted them. “Do you mind if we ride out the storm with you?” There were no lights, but our eyes had adjusted to the dark and frequent flashes of lightning lit up her naked body.

“Hell, no,” they exclaimed in unison. Kim and Kevin laughed along with the teenagers. Kim thanked them and bent over the picnic table between two of the boys. Her tits spread out beneath her.

“Now where were we?” She asked. I took this as my cue to continue fucking her, but Kevin beat me to the draw. He was pumping his giant hard-on and placed the head at her pussy lips. She gasped as he pushed the head in, bracing herself by grabbing Roger and another kid’s thigh.

Kevin pulled out and thrust back in, this time he managed to sink a few inches inside of her. She moaned loudly. “Oh yes! Fuck me, Kevin. Give me that big cock, you asshole!” He obliged and pushed deeper inside of her with each stroke.

“Yes! Oh, you’re so big. Umm. Oh, that’s it! Fuck me, you bastard!” she was rubbing Roger and his friend’s cocks through their jeans. They were both busy trying to get their flies open so she could get at their erections. The third boy stood opposite me on the other side of Kim and Kevin and already had his pants at his ankles. Both of us were masturbating as we watched this muscular big-dicked black man fuck my wife.

Roger and the other seated teenager had managed to work their pants to their knees. Kim had a death grip on both of their engorged tools while screaming and moaning in ecstasy at the fucking she was getting. I was a little disappointed to discover that I, by far, had the smallest dick in the group.

“You like that bitch?” Kevin asked. “Do you like getting fucked by my big dick, slut? You like getting gangbanged, don’t you whore?” He started pounding her faster. He had managed to work his cock into her nearly to the balls.

“Yes, Kevin. I love it. Fuck your slut, you prick. Please. I’ll do anything for your cock. Fuck me! Ohhhhhh!” She had a loud orgasm and laid her head on the table making little squeaks each time Kevin rammed forward. His pace quickened and Kim started gasping louder.

Kevin was grunting, almost growling. “You…fucking…whore…fucking… bitch…cum loving slut!” Then he let out roar and a rumble of thunder echoed his climax. He had cum. I had a moment’s concern about pregnancy, but it was washed away by lust. He pulled out of her slowly, letting her feel every inch. She moaned, shuddered and let out a little whimper as his head plopped out of her well fucked cunt.

She stood, turned around and kissed him passionately. Then Kevin smiled down at her.

“Whore,” he said. She smiled back at him, biting her lip and holding his, still impressive, flaccid cock in her hands.

“I’ll be whatever you want,” she confessed.

“Good, I want you down on all fours.” She dropped to the cement facing the 6″ pink erection of the standing boy. The teenager took advantage of his position and bent his cock to her mouth. She gobbled it up quickly. Roger and the other boy had managed to undress. Roger came and stood beside me pumping his over 7″ cock with his fist. His friend’s penis was the second smallest in the pavilion at around 5 ½”. He stood in front of Kim and she alternated sucking each of the teenagers’ cocks.

I decided to benefit from my wife’s exposed pussy and started to get behind her, but Kevin held out his arm saying, “You can have her anytime. Give someone else a chance.” Then he nudged Roger on the shoulder and said, “What are you waiting for, man. Fuck that slut.” Roger wasted no time getting his cock into her.

The storm was passing and the rain had tapered to a sprinkle again. Kevin sat down on the picnic table with his flaccid cock swinging between his dangling legs. He barked orders at the boys like a coach. Roger was hammering my wife’s pussy energetically. His hips made a slapping sound each time he thrust forward. The two boys enjoying their blowjobs had managed to get both of their cocks into Kim’s mouth and she made muffling “Oomph” noises as our paperboy drilled her.

The boy with the smaller penis pulled his dick out her mouth and moaned a bit as he spewed a load of semen onto her face and hair. The other boy followed soon after but grabbed the back of Kim’s head as he came and she swallowed after each blast.

Roger pulled her back by the hips as he drove his swollen member into her. She lowered herself to her forearms and raised her ass. He was making asthmatic wheezing sounds as he pounded his sizable cock into her little body. Then he quickly pulled out and hurried in front of her. She took his cock into her mouth as he came. She let it out a bit too early and she received a blast on her face. She milked him dry and swallowed the rest of his load.

After Roger finished I ran to her so no one would jump in line in front of me again. I held it out for her to suck. She grabbed it with two fingers and a thumb and said, “Aw, look at the tiny cute one. Do you want me to suck your little dick, Eric, or do you want to poke me with it?”

I pushed my dick against her lips. She giggled and puckered her lips around the head of my stiff dick, while jacking me off with her two fingers. I came almost immediately. She swallowed my deposit. “There you go, baby.” Then she sat back on her knees and asked, “Would one of you fuck me please?”

The boy with the 6″ dick accepted her offer. He gave her knees a rest by putting her on her back in the wet grass. Once he finished Roger had at her once more, concluding by spewing a surprising amount of cum across her tits. As he came, she had a shock of recognition and said, “Hey, you’re our paper boy!”

Everyone rinsed off in the drizzling rain a bit and then we said our goodbyes. Kim assured them that they were welcome at our house anytime and that Roger knew how to find it. We gathered our wet clothes and wrung them dry as best we could. Kim slipped on her wet t-shirt and nothing more. Kevin and I put on our pants and shoes. We carried the rest home. Kim looked like a little goddess. Her t-shirt only came down to her waist, so her ass and pussy were openly exposed. Her perfect tits were plain to see through the wet cotton.

When we got home we all took off our sopping clothes and ran upstairs to the bedroom. Kevin lay down and Kim started sucking his giant cock. I mounted her from behind. Her pussy was very loose and wet from her gangbang. I pushed into her with all my might and she grunted a bit through a mouthful of Kevin’s meat.

“Kevin?” I heard her ask as I fucked her. “Kevin, wake up. Wake up, asshole.” He had apparently passed out while she blew him. “Goddamn it! I need a big cock in my pussy.” That didn’t do wonders for my self esteem. I redoubled my efforts to please her.

“That feels good, baby,” she said softly. “That’s right. Cum for me, baby. Fuck me with your hard dick.” I had the feeling she was trying to rush me. It worked. I came a few seconds later.

“All done, honey?” She asked sweetly. I nodded. “Good. Grab a couple blankets from the closet.” I did. She spread one over Kevin and handed me one. I made a face. How had I been relegated to the couch?

“Don’t be ridiculous, Eric,” she scolded. “We can’t carry Kevin and we can’t all fit on the bed. Do you want to sleep up here with a naked man?” She had a point. She slipped under the blanket and rested her head on his chest. The blanket rippled as she stroked his tool.

“I’m tired, baby. Get the lights on your way down,” she said, puckering her lips. I gave her a kiss good night. It was just a quick peck because I had no desire to taste all of the cocks she’d just sucked. I walked down stairs and heard her whispering, “Kevin, wake up. Wake up and fuck your slut with your big black pipe.” I guess there are degrees of tired.

As I tried to make my self comfortable on the couch it occurred to me that everything Eric had said in his crude way made sense. Instead of some guy with cash, my wife had given it up for a few rounds, some compliments and a big penis. Someone had, in fact, named her price. I fell asleep to the sound of squeaking bed springs in the room above.

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