Unexpected Visitor


There was a knock at the door, followed by the dog barking, just as he was finishing up his report. Saving the file, he rose, heading for the door. “It’s just a delivery,” he told the dog, “stop barking.”

He opened the door, eyes already on the ground for the latest package… she was always ordering something. This time, his eyes didn’t find a package, they found a pair of feet… a pair of feet attached to a woman. A woman he hadn’t seen in over 15 years. His eyes took her in, she was the same, but different. Her hair was shorter and lighter and she was a little fuller in the chest and hips. But her eyes were the same, as were the full lips that quirked in a self-conscious smile.

There was a note of question in her greeting, “Hi?”

He drew her inside, closing the door behind her. “I never… I can’t believe…” he stammered, obviously taken aback. He took a deep breath, “Hi.”

“I hope it’s okay that I stopped by,” she glanced around the room as she spoke, “is this a bad time?” She bent down to pet the dog. “She’s adorable. What’s her name?”

“Her name is Daisy.” He looked at Daisy, smiling fondly. “Of course, it’s more than alright!” He glanced at the time, “I have a few hours.” He pointed to the sofa, “Make yourself comfortable, I’m going to grab a drink, can I get you anything?”

She stood, kicked off her shoes and took a seat on the sofa. “No, thank you.”

Returning, he set his drink on the table as he sat across from her. “This is such a surprise. When did you get into town? Will you be staying long? Where is…?”

He cut off as she rose and came to him, standing in front of him. She said nothing but wore a mysterious smile as she sank down into his lap, straddling him. She leaned into him, her soft lips meeting his, tongues coming together for a brief but passionate kiss. She sat up, settling deeper into his lap, smiling and removed his glasses, setting them gently next to his drink. She had to feel his erection, he couldn’t remember the last time he was so hard.

He tried to pull her back to him but she resisted, instead, reaching up under her shirt to remove her bra. He could see the outline of her erect nipples through her soft cotton shirt as she leaned forward for another kiss. She moaned against his lips as that kiss intensified. He could feel her shivering as she took his hands in hers, placing them on her breasts.

They were as he remembered, heavy and full, soft and firm; her nipples stiff beneath her top. He wanted to see them bare, wanted to feel her silky skin. He pulled at her top and she raised her arms over her head; he laid the top next to him. He pulled her to him again, his hands exploring her body as they kissed.

“Mmm…” She whimpered against his lips as she ground against his hard cock. He could feel her heat through their clothes. The passion grew, desire building until he could feel her shaking against him. He tried to pull her back to him, breathing her name as she broke the kiss. She pulled away sinking down to her knees before him. Her eyes held him while she unbuttoned his pants, stroking him through the fabric while she slowly unzipped them, pulling them free.

She finally broke eye contact, blue eyes sinking down to stare at his cock, standing proudly between them. Leaning forward, she kissed his cock, softly up and down the length before taking him in her mouth. Her mouth felt as he remembered, too.

He stroked her hair while he watched her head bobbing up and down in his lap. Her mouth was so hot and soft, her tongue darting out to caress his balls while she buried him in her throat. His eyes closed and his head fell back against the soft sofa… she could do the most amazing things with her mouth.

She moaned as she worked his cock, the vibration adding to the sensations… sucking and licking, she coaxed him closer and closer, always backing off when he got close. He didn’t know how she could tell when he was close but she could – otherwise he would have cum within the first two minutes. He moaned as she brought him to the edge and then once again backed off. Her mouth was amazing.

He looked down at her as she replaced her mouth with her hand, slowly stroking him. She smiled up at him as her free hand slid slowly down her pants to rest between her thighs. “I want to taste you now.” She didn’t wait for an answer, just put her mouth back on his cock.

She moaned more as he watched, her hand busy in her panties, her hips grinding against her hand. He was in her throat, her tongue licking at his balls, the vibration of her moans delicious on his cock. Those moans grew as she pleased herself, his cock in her throat as she shivered her release. He couldn’t take it anymore; her tongue, her throat, her lips… he was going to cum. Her hand rose up before his lips and he could smell her scent on her own fingers. He took those fingers in his mouth, tasting her again.

He groaned, suckling her fingers in his mouth as he came, his cock throbbing in her mouth. She made delicious sounds as she drank him, sucking, slurping, moaning, she didn’t spill a drop as he came and came; always more emptying into her mouth.

She cleaned him up gently with her mouth, lapping up every drop, licking her lips, making him wish he could cum again, right now. He was still breathing heavily as she finished, climbing back into his lap. He could smell himself on her breath as he pulled her close to him.

She kissed him a final time, soft and satisfied. He opened his mouth to ask her all of the things he wanted to know, things he’d tried to ask earlier, but she laid a soft finger against his lips and smiled a bittersweet smile. “You will see me again.”

Silently she rose, dressed and went to the door. She turned as she stepped through the doorway, “Someday.”

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