The Bookbinder


This week could have gone better at work. A new employee had knocked a couple important books off the cart. The bindings had torn on one, the cover split on another. Seeing to their repair was why I was here on my day off and I wasn’t thrilled about it.

I’d called Tommy on recommendation from a fellow librarian. She’d said that he had done a fantastic job repairing a book for her – it was better than new. He was more expensive, but worth every cent according to Jackie. Luckily cost wasn’t an issue; a well to do supporter of the local librarian (ahem, I mean library) donated plenty for whatever I felt the library needed. I’d set up an appointment to meet Tommy today.

I was reading quietly at the front desk, keeping an eye on things for Helen. She’d left on a quick errand and was due back soon. She is always late, but she’s sweeter than sugar and can Dewey like a pro. Nothing was happening anyway, just a couple people on the internet doing research. I went back to my book, Galapagos, by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Three pages later, still no Helen. A man approached the desk. I had been so absorbed in reading that I hadn’t even seen him come in.

“Hi,” he said with a drawl, “I’m Tommy, the bookbinder.”

I introduced myself and let him know it might be a moment; I was still waiting for Helen to come back. He didn’t mind waiting; he seemed to enjoy the ample cleavage exposed by my low cut sweater. It also turns out he was as big a fan of Vonnegut as me. We even had the same favorite – Cat’s Cradle. We talked about our favorite books and other authors, but soon we moved on to other things… like how sexy his accent was. We talked a bit about where he was from, which quickly led to Mardi Gras. He seemed a bit surprised to meet a librarian that wanted to go. But I think it was starting to become obvious to Tommy that I wasn’t an ordinary librarian.

We continued chatting, which involved a lot of flirting, especially on my part. How could I resist? He had a thick Southern accent and a pocket protector! My goodness, he was an erotic fantasy I’d neglected to dream up! Until now, that is. The more I thought of it the more excited I became. I tried to calm down, be professional, I told myself, feeling the heat rising in my cheeks. I leaned forward and took a deep breath giving him a good look at my cleavage, hoping he wouldn’t notice me blushing.

It worked as planned. I distracted Tommy and had a chance to compose myself. And what good timing, I thought, I could see Helen coming through the front door now. I let him look a moment more, he seemed transfixed. (My breasts can do that, you know.)

“Tommy, my co-worker is back,” I told him, “I can show you those books now.”

Clearing his throat roughly, he nodded.

We started through the library, towards my office. I was walking slowly, in no great hurry. We began chatting and eyeing one other as we walked. We quickly moved back to flirting, his methods much more reserved than mine. We reached the door to the offices and I held it open for him, brushing my breast against him as he went through. Mine was the back office and I had the pleasure of brushing against him a second time. I pulled the door to and locked it with a smile. Walking to my desk, I sat upon it, picking up the first book to show him the damage.

“See where the binding tore loose?” I ask, gently stroking the pages. He walked to the desk, eyes fixed on my fingers caressing the torn binding, nodding ‘yes’.

“And this one?” I continued, “Do you see where the cover has split?” I held the book against my breasts and ran my fingers along the damage. He stared at my fingers and then his eyes slowly moved to my breasts.

Giving himself a little shake, he got to work; standing close to examine the books while I held them. I shifted slightly, pressing my knee against him as he studied the damage.

“This won’t be difficult, ma’am,” he says. “I know just what to do.”

“I’m sure you do,” I reply with a smile, nearly giggling about him calling me ma’am.

He described what will be done to repair each of the books. It’s quite a process! Soon he comes to something I’m involved in. Pulling samples out he shows me different cover materials for the books. Different types of fabric, different colors. Then he pulls out the leather samples. Mmmm, I love the smell of leather.

“Yes,” I tell him with a wink, “it must be leather.”

“You’re pretty naughty,” he says with a wicked grin.

Looking up at him from my seat on my desk, I give him my naughtiest grin. Setting the samples to the side I toy with my neckline. “I hear that a lot, Tommy,” I laugh, “but you don’t know the half of it.”

Moving up closer to the desk until he’s practically on top of me, it seems that Tommy would like to know the half of it, maybe even two-thirds of it! Taking his hands, I place them on my breasts. I can feel the heat of his big hands through my low cut sweater. He caresses my chest; fingers stroking my exposed cleavage, hands cupping my big boobs.

“Mmmm, yes,” I purr, placing my hands on his chest. Running them down his chest, my breath catches as I bump his pocket protector…holy cats that’s so hot! My nipples stiffening, I slide my hands down his body until I feel his hardness through his pants. I hear his soft moan when I touch his cock through the fabric. He’s so hard and nicely sized; more than large enough, not too big.

Teasing his cock with one hand, I unfasten his pants with the other before using both to slip his clothes down his hips. His cock dances before me as my lips curve in a slow smile. I reach out and caress his cock softly with my fingers, the way I caressed the torn binding. Wrapping my hand around his hardness, I stroke him slowly. I love the feel of his cock in my hand, it sends a flash of heat between my legs that makes me whimper softly.

I feel him tugging at my sweater, trying to slip it off me, so I lift up my arms to help. As soon as it’s off, he leans down to kiss my neck. Mmmm, very nice. His hands move to my back and unsnap my lacy bra, sliding it off, eyeing me appreciatively.

“You’d do well on Bourbon Street,” he says, hands moving back to my breasts, teasing my nipples.

Reaching behind me, I pull open my desk drawer and take out my lotion. Slowly dripping the lotion onto my chest, across my big boobs and hardened nipples. Squeezing my breasts together, showing him the creamy lotion, I look up and smile, slowly rubbing the lotion into my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples. My hands, slippery with lotion, go back to his cock, stroking him slowly. I thrill at the feel of his hardness, twisting my wrists as I move my hands up and down on him.

His hands go back to my big boobs, caressing and pinching. One hand slides off my breast, trailing down my side, my hip, down my leg then back up, gathering my skirt so he can put that same hand between my legs. Pushing my lacy panties aside, we both moan softly as he teases my hot wetness with his fingers.

He slides one finger inside and I gasp. Another joins the first and I groan. His fingers feel bigger and hotter than they did on my nipples and breasts, now that they’re inside me. As I stroke his cock, I reach lower with one hand so I can caress his balls at the same time. I like the way he moves his hips in time with my strokes… I can feel myself doing the same.

I break away long enough to pull my skirt and panties off, now wearing only my heels, spreading my legs for him to see my beautiful pussy. “I want you inside me,” I tell him.

He replies by moving closer and teasing my pussy with his cock. Softly stroking my wetness with the tip as I struggle to impale myself upon it. “Please,” I beg.

Suddenly he’s inside me and I nearly scream out “YES!” before I can catch myself. I’d almost forgotten I was in my office at work! He thrusts deeper and thoughts of work disappear again as I lose myself in the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me.

“Mmmm, you’re so tight,” he whispers, pushing his length inside me. I just smile at him; I know how tight I am. Leaning back on my desk, I hook my legs over his arms while he takes me, breasts swaying in time to his strokes. Deeper and deeper, he feels so good inside me; his hands now holding my legs up and out of the way, my hips slamming against the desk with the force of his thrusts.

“Yes!” I cry out, “harder!” and that quickly I’m reduced to animal-like whimpers and moans as he gives me what I want. All of it. He feels so good so deep inside, each thrust taking me closer to ecstasy.

I can’t help but move against him, struggling to get all of his length inside me, struggling to get him right where I want him. I know it makes it hard for him to last as I wriggle on my desk, but I’m beyond restraint, so close. I’m almost there and another in another few thrusts…

“Oh”, I cry out as the thrusting and wriggling pays off, moaning and cumming, “oh, gods yes!”

I’m panting and moaning all at once as I cum, my wetness dripping to the desk beneath my bare bottom. Every thrust is accompanied by a wet, squishy sound. I can tell Tommy likes it because he’s moaning and panting as he drives his cock into me deeper. How could he not love how hot and wet I am? The way my orgasm tightens me further? It seems as if my orgasm won’t end, every stroke of his magnificent cock makes it stronger and more intense. “Ahhh,” I moan, loving the way he feels deep inside me.

“I have to cum soon,” he pants.

“Tell me when,” I breathe, “I want to taste you.” His quick rhythm stops abruptly, his eyes squeezed shut while his fingers dig into my hips almost painfully. (Oops, I may have said too much!) After a few seconds, he nods and then resumes his thrusting pace. It feels so good, so deep inside; part of me doesn’t want him to stop, no matter how badly I want to taste him.

His rhythm picks up again, faster, harder and deeper than before… my hips slamming on my desk as he takes me roughly.

“Now,” he pants, pulling out of me, stroking his cock as I get down to my knees in front of him. A quick kiss on his balls is all I have time for…

“Right now,” he groans, and I put my mouth on him, taking him all the way down until my lips are pressed against him, until I feel him in the back of my throat. Teasing his balls with my hand, I work his cock with my mouth, sucking him until I’m rewarded only seconds later.

“Umpf,” he grunts as his cock throbs, cum spraying my throat. Sliding his cock almost out of my mouth, my hand caresses while my tongue teases so I can taste his cum, not just swallow it all. Mmmm. I continue gently sucking him while he cums. He tastes so good that I keep on him long after he’s finished, until I can’t taste him anymore.

I take my mouth off him, smiling wickedly. “Thanks, Tommy,” I purr, “that was amazing. Let’s get together again soon or I may start damaging books on purpose!”

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