September’s Summer Bloom


This is the second story I’ve written about September. Before reading this, you may want to read my first erotic story about her: September’s Spring Thaw.

September’s Summer Bloom

It was still early summer, spring had come late this year, and the trees were finally beginning to fill out with leaves. It seemed the buds had only started a couple weeks ago but already the trees were covered in new leaves and the earliest flowers of summer had started to bloom.

She’d spent weeks this past spring questioning herself on why she had agreed to marry Owen, she had an unusually high sex drive and thrived on variety – it made no sense to marry. However, he was a great person and by far the best lover she’d ever had the pleasure of enjoying… such conflicting feelings. She’d spent a lot of the past spring searching for an escape without really knowing if she truly wanted one.

Then it had come to her… perhaps Owen could be coaxed into something more adventurous. She spent weeks on her plan and months implementing it. Little Katie-cat, her occasional lover helped with the plan, she was as excited about the potential outcome as September.

Occasional lunches with Katie and Owen, light hearted joking, gentle teasing – always patient. She was beginning to consider begging when she had finally convinced him. The thought of making love to two women was incredibly arousing to Owen, he just didn’t want to agree too quickly. Nor did he want to share her. September really wanted to change that attitude. She hoped to get a head start on that this evening.

The three sat around the table in awkward silence. The encounter was planned; not exactly what, but something. Dinner had been delicious and light, like the wine Katie brought. September was an excellent cook and Katie had great taste in wine. Owen’s nervousness was beginning to affect the mood. There was nothing to do but press on and hope it ended well. Please let it end well! she thought to herself.

September rose and stood beside Owen, lightly touching his shoulder. She brought her mouth to his ear, “You promised me,” she whispered. He flinched a little then let himself be pulled to his feet and led away. A smile directed at Katie got her to follow.

Leading Owen by the hand, September seated him on the edge of their king sized bed. She kissed him as she unbuttoned his shirt, Katie moved to sit next to him and pulled it off while gently touching his shoulder. His anxious look remained, “I love you, September.”

“As I love you, Owen,” She kissed him gently, “you’ll love this and we’ll love eachother more afterwards. Trust me.”  September didn’t think that was exactly true, but her reassurances smoothed the pained expression from his brow.

The light was soft in the airy bedroom, night came later this time of year and the few dimmed lamps around the room gave plenty of light. She moved slowly, leaning in front of Owen as she drew Katie to her. Their lips met, their kiss lingered. Small hands were on her waist, sliding up to her breasts, then back down to grip the shirt by it’s hem and lift it off. September’s own hands were busy tugging at Katie’s shirt. They rose together, caressing and kissing lips, shoulders, breasts as they took turns undressing eachother.

September lifted her mouth from Katie’s nipple, Owen was breathing heavily through his slightly parted lips, his eyes dark and hungry. Straightening, she and Katie stood before him in a scattered pile of clothing. Katie, petite and ever so slightly plump, September, tall and athletic. They pulled him to his feet.

As one, they dropped to their knees in front of him, working together to unfasten his belt, to unbutton and remove his pants. Katie made a yummy noise and September had to agree; Owen stood over them, a commanding presence with his athletic build, the look of concentration, his long, thick cock straining against his boxer briefs.

She was still admiring the view when Katie began tracing the outline of his shaft through the fabric with her fingertips. Her fingers joined her friend’s, lightly teasing his hardness. Working together, they pulled his underwear down, freeing his big cock; it stood out straight, nearly defying gravity. With the softest brush of her lips she kissed the head, twitching, it strained for the ceiling.

Katie’s lips met hers and she melted into the soft, wet kiss while Owen’s cock danced inches from their mouths. Then their lips were on him, raining kisses up and down his shaft. His hand gently stroked her hair as he watched them kneeling before him. Running her lips down his shaft, she kissed lower, kissed the underside of his shaft, kissed his balls. He moaned softly with the new sensation and then Katie’s soft mouth was wrapped around him, her moans muffled by the cock filling her mouth.

September kissed Katie lightly on the neck and they switched, Katie licking his balls, while she slowly took him into her mouth, deeper still until he was nestled against the back of her throat. Sucking as she slid her mouth of him, she could taste him on her tongue, could see moisture glistening, forming a bead on the head of his cock. Her tongue gently licked the underside, catching the droplet on her tongue. Keeping her mouth open, she got Katie’s attention so she could taste him on her tongue… that always drove Katie wild!

Breaking from their kiss, September guided Katie’s mouth back to Owen’s cock, “Fill that lovely mouth of yours again, Katie-cat.”

Katie was quick to oblige, immediately taking him as far down as she could fit him. September stood and guided Owen back to the bed. If this wasn’t so incredibly hot, it would look comical, September thought as she pushed him to the bed, Katie latched on to his cock, crawling after him, refusing to break contact for a second.

He sat, or rather, she pushed him down, then pushed him down further, climbing atop him on the bed, straddling his face backwards so she could watch Katie trying in vain to get all of his cock in her mouth, trying to take him all the way down the way September could.

His tongue lapped at her soft pussy, tasting and questing the way she liked it, he was a great lover, responsive to her smallest signal, always satisfying her needs. He moaned as Katie repeatedly slammed her mouth down on his cock, looking like she was trying to bruise her throat… it was hot and September’s pussy flooded from the sight.

Owen seemed to be enjoying himself but there was no guarantee of a second encounter, he had only promised to try once. Of all the women September had tasted, Katie was the most delicious. He must taste her, she decided. Climbing off his face, off the bed she squeezed in next to Katie and whispered in her ear. Katie quivered with excitement as she climbed on the bed and took him in her mouth again, wriggling her little ass in his face as she sucked on him.

September joined in, kissing and licking his balls as she toyed with Katie’s firm breasts. Looking past Katie, she could see Owen was just watching Katie’s tight little ass wiggling inches from his wide eyes, gripping the covers in his fists. “Taste her, Owen,” she said softly, between long licks, “she’s delicious.”

His hands gripped Katie’s narrow waist as he pulled her back until his face was buried. She was so petite that she could barely reach more than the head of his cock, moaning and sighing as he tasted her, timidly at first but then with more enthusiasm. September kissed and licked his shaft, his balls, sometimes taking a break to kiss Katie’s swollen lips. Soon, Katie was gasping, moaning as she orgasmed on Owen’s mouth.

She could see his tongue darting between her clit and her lips, her shaved pussy bucking on his face, his chin and neck shiny wet and dripping from her orgasm. September’s own pussy was aching for more; watching her friend’s little body quivering atop Owen was driving her wild. His swollen cock pulsating on her tongue, the sight of Katie’s firm tits, her perfect nipples… it was all driving her wild.

September climbed atop the bed, straddling Owen’s hips, lowering herself down, watching his cock disappear inside of her. She heard a muffled groan as she sighed her relief at being filled. He throbbed inside her as she leaned forward to kiss Katie, her soft lips and tongue enhancing the feel of Owen’s hard cock between her legs. Her hands found those perfect breasts as Katie’s hands found hers, her right hand skipping down to gently tease her clit as she rode him. Faster, harder, deeper. She impaled herself on his shaft as Katie’s fingers teased her clit, the pressure building, crying out with release, flooding Owen’s cock with wetness.

It was Katie’s turn to feel his amazing cock, she was thankful he hadn’t finished already. She’d seen men finish just from watching her and Katie take off their tops and kiss eachother. She slid off his cock and lay on the bed, hips barely on the edge and pulled Katie to her. Owen watched, his cock twitching, as they kissed and stroked eachothers bodies. “Let me taste you while he takes you.” She guided Katie up higher until she hovered on her knees above September’s mouth. “Take her, Owen.”

Then he was there, straddling her, cock twitching inches from Katie’s little pussy,  his hands reaching around to squeeze her breasts. Then, pushing her forward, he grabbed his cock, pushing the head against her lips as he reached behind himself, found September’s pussy and touched those lips with his finger. Slowly, simultaneously, he buried his cock inside Katie as his finger slid into September, pulling almost all the way out then sliding back inside them again. All three moaned and sighed. Feeling his finger slide inside her as she watched him penetrating Katie had her on the edge of another orgasm.

She pulled at Katie’s hips until she was low enough to kiss and put her tongue on her pussy. Flicking at her clit, licking the lips wrapping Owen’s cock as he drove into her, lapping at the wetness that dripped down, coating her lips and tongue, her chin. Katie moaned and panted as Owen grunted above her.

September could tell she was close by her whimpers. Lapping at her pussy – soft, wet, swollen, and that tiny point of bliss. Her tongue augmenting Owen’s thrusts. Katie screamed as she came, Owen adjusting his thrusts to match her pace, stretching out the orgasm September felt with her lips and tasted with her tongue. She kept licking, moaning as she felt Owen pull his cock free of Katie’s dripping pussy.

September licked her deeper, replacing his cock with her tongue, loving the feel of her swollen lips, tasting her pleasure. Katie purred as she wiggled on her tongue and she felt her legs roughly parted. Owen drove into her fiercely, animalistic grunts accompanying each thrust.

He pushed Katie off her and flipped  September onto her stomach, resuming his forceful pace as she struggled to her hands and knees. Katie watched with a grin before sliding under her, clinging to her, breast to breast, kissing her while Owen pounded, groaning, pulling her hips closer as he slammed every last inch into September.

Katie’s deliciously soft mouth, her heavy breasts firm against September as they clung to one other, kissing, grinding against eachothers softness, Owen adjusting his thrusts to their passion. She broke their kiss to cry out as she shivered with ecstasy, crying out as she came.

She kissed Katie deeply as Owen pulled out, felt her straining for release beneath her, kissed her as Owen slid his cock inside Katie again. She moaned and wiggled beneath her as she was then, then she was sighing and Owen was inside September again. Back and forth, teasing them with his cock, giving them just enough, taking them right to the edge of bliss and then pulling out and plunging into the other.

“You’re right,” Katie panted beneath September as Owen filled her yet again,  “he’s amazing!”

Katie’s statement made her smile. Owen was taking good care of both of them. She was filled pride and happiness… and cock! she thought to herself as Owen again slid deeply inside her. His cock felt thicker than it ever had before, she could feel him throbbing inside her, even with his insistent pace. His moans sounded pained.

“Can’t… wait,” Owen grunted between thrusts, “have to… need to…”

September and Katie moaned as one thinking about him cumming, “Mmmm, yes.”

He withdrew from September, she only had a second to wonder why when she felt him slipping into that tight space between she and Katie, sliding between their soft, wet pussies, groaning with each thrust. They clung to eachother beneath him, pressing lips and breasts together, rubbing and grinding against the throbbing shaft that slid between them. Sliding through their wetness, stroking them closer and closer to release.

Katie cried out beneath her, bucking wildly as she came. September kissed her neck, her ear, her shoulder as she orgasmed beneath her. Then Owen moaned and she could feel his seed spraying between them, coating their bellies, his trapped cock dancing between them as he spurted. Moaning, she came again, tangled between Owen and Katie, his cum sticky on her stomach, his cock still twitching against her clit.

They collapsed in a pile, exhausted, satiated. Snuggled up against Owen, she awoke sometime later to find Katie had dressed and left. There was a note…

Thank you, it read, I had a lovely time. Dinner was perfect and dessert was even better! I hope we can all get together again soon. -Katie

She had turned the dot above the ‘i’ in Katie into a little paw print. She couldn’t help smiling as she looked up from the note at Owen. He was smiling, too. It was a good sign. This was going to be a good summer.

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