September’s Fall Bounty


This is my third erotic story about September, so you may want to read her other two erotic stories first: September’s Spring Thaw and September’s Summer Bloom.

September’s Fall bounty

It had been the best summer she could remember having. Katie had become a regular guest and it seemed that Owen was really starting to “Get his freak on”, as Katie was fond of saying.

But he still wouldn’t budge on sharing her with another man, not even if Katie was there, too. So this evening, after dinner, she had a present for little Katie… a present for herself, really.

Katie showed up early, eager for this week’s fun time. September had told her that she wanted something special, but not exactly what. Katie loved surprises, especially naughty surprises. She was animated and flirty all through dinner. Even Owen was excited about tonight, he’d really warmed up to Katie over the last few months.

Finishing dinner, they headed to the bedroom where September gave Katie her present. Their present. Opening the neatly wrapped box, a look of mischief crossed Katie’s face as a slow smile spread across her full lips. “Thanks, September!” she practically quivered with delight, “We get to share this, right?”

“What’d you get?” Owen asked, peering over her shoulder.

Katie just giggled, closing the lid on the present. “You’ll see soon enough, Owen!” She slid a sly look at September, “How should we do this?”

“Seriously, you two,” Owen said, looking from one to the other, “what is it?”

Katie put on a mysterious face, answering in a serious voice, “Something for September and I.” She turned to September, “This is for me to wear?”

“What’s going on?” Owen asked, starting to sound a touch petulant, “You’re sharing some lingerie?”

“Yes please!” September answered her fervently, “If all goes well, I’ll get another one.” Unlike Katie, Owen hated surprises. She paused, looking from Katie to Owen and back, “And please, show him what it is before he explodes.”

“Aww,” she pouted at September, “you’re no fun! Alright Owen, here’s my present.” She smiled, lifting an… apparatus out of the box.

He tilted his head studying the straps and buckles. “Is it something for bondage?” he asked, clearly confused.

“Only two guesses left!” cried Katie, having fun with his naivety. She stood up and positioned herself before Owen and September, undressing slowly; making a good show of it. Her top landed on September, her bra on Owen.

September kissed Owen’s cheek and whispered in his ear, “You know she isn’t going to tell you, just relax, you’ll see soon enough.”

His reply was a deadpan look that was quickly ruined by Katie’s thong landing on his head as she giggled.

“Last chance to guess!” she cried, pulling the leather straps from the box and holding it before Owen. He turned the now panty-free look to Katie. “Tee-hee!” she laughed, earning herself a light smack on her backside as she bent over to step into the harness.

It fit her perfectly, she barely even had to adjust the straps. “Oh Katie,” September breathed, as Katie modeled it for them, “it fits you perfectly.”

“Strappy leather underwear?” Owen asked in disbelief.

“Not quite,” Katie replied with a laugh, holding out her hand to September who started going through her “special” drawer.

Looking from the drawer to Katie’s harness and back again, Owen started to rise. “Oh no…” he said, hands raised, “No. Absolutely not. Not on me, you won’t!”

September shared a shocked expression with her friend. On him? They both spoke at once, “No!” and “Not on you!”

Shaking her head at Owen’s fears, September handed Katie a special toy for the strap-on harness; a dildo they had cast from Owen’s cock over the summer. She and Katie had gotten the mold on him and then did every kinky thing that he suggested or they could think of to keep him hard while it set. That had been a fun evening! She smiled, as much in remembrance of the evening as for the view of Katie securing it into place.

September rose to stand with Katie, kissing her deeply. The feeling of being undressed was lost in the sensations of Katie’s lips and tongue. Once September was fully unclothed, they turned their attentions on Owen. They spoke appreciatively of his body, of his cock. They teased and kissed him as they worked together undressing him. Their mouths kissing him down his chest, lower, down his stomach, lower, until they were both kissing the head of his cock as it strained for the ceiling. He groaned, gently laying a hand on each woman’s head. He watched them, feeling their mouths on him, one kissing the head of his cock while the other gently lapped at his balls, watched as she took him all the way down, lips sliding on his shaft as Katie took his balls in her mouth.

Owen spoke between moans, “Let me, umph, taste you, mmm, September.” He laid back on the bed and she rose to join him, climbing atop him, straddling his face, leaning forward, the angle making it easy to take his big cock all the way down. His mouth was on her, exploring her heat, his face already becoming slick with her wetness, tongue teasing her. He moaned harder beneath her pussy as she worked him with her mouth.

Katie took her mouth off Owen and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you now, September.” She climbed up on the bed with them, getting behind September. Katie touched her back softly, feeling the muscles shifting beneath her hands as she sucked Owen. She ran her hands along September’s sides, down to her hips, lifting her up, just enough to be able to…

“Mmmmm,” September moaned around a mouthful of cock as Katie slowly inched the toy inside. She was a little jealous of Owen, he had a better view of the toy slipping inside as he licked her soft mound. Katie tried to match the rhythm September set as she sucked Owen, tried to fuck her the way Owen fucked them. It was such a tease for her, watching Owen’s cock and her toy disappearing into September, the toy giving almost, but not enough pressure for her own pleasure.

September moaned between them, Owen filling her mouth, Katie’s strokes filling her pussy. This is what she had been needing, what she’d been aching for. She panted between them as Katie and Owen licked and stroked her closer and closer to release. She cried out, wetness flooding Owen’s face as they took her, shivering as her orgasm subsided. This was incredible, but Katie was owed some pleasure, too.

She climbed off Owen and guided Katie atop him. She sank down on his cock with a grateful smile and a sigh of relief as he slid between the harness deep into her wetness. She watched Katie ride him, bouncing up and down on his glistening shaft, panting herself closer and closer, moaning, grinding, whimpering until she cried out, nearly squirting as she came, her wetness drenching his cock.

Owen groaned beneath her, slowly lifting her off him, panting as he freed himself. He was hard, slick with Katie’s passions. After watching him please Katie, she was ready for more, she needed to feel his real cock inside her. Katie moved aside so September could take her place.

She slipped down his length and moaned. He felt even thicker and longer than usual, she leaned forward to kiss him, tasting herself on his lips, his tongue. She rode him slowly as they kissed deeply, passionately.

Katie moved behind them watching Owen’s cock move in and out of her friend, watching her wetness drip down his shaft. She reached out her hand, softly teasing September’s lips, running her fingers down Owen’s pole. She angled her finger to match and slide it inside, feeling Owen’s hardness and September’s softness. September made a whimpering, pleading noise.

Leaning forward, fingering her while she rode him, Katie kissed down her spine. “You’re so wet and hot, September…” She spoke between soft kisses, “you love it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” came her breathy response, “I… I need it.”

She had kissed down to her backside, she kissed one hip, kissed the other. “What do you need, September?” she purred, kissing her sacrum, driving her finger in deeper alongside Owen.

“Stop teasing,” she moaned between gasps, “please.” Owen groaned beneath them.

Smiling with delight, Katie positioned herself behind September, removing her finger. She gently stroked Owen’s balls, listening to him groan, he was so close, it was amazing he hadn’t cum yet. It never ceased to amaze her that such a… a prude was such an amazing lover. Taking the toy in her hand, she rubbed the length of it along September’s backside.

“You want it here?” she asked, circling the head around September’s ass. “Or,” she continued, slipping the head down and running it along her lips, “do you want the double stuff?”

“Yes! Please!” She spoke almost on top of Katie’s second offer, angling her hips towards her.

Katie was more than happy to oblige. She slowly pushed the toy inside September, right atop Owen’s cock. She gasped, her wetness flooding her thighs as September’s moans filled the room. Holy cats, this is hot! she thought to herself, watching the toy disappear inside her friend. She couldn’t tell who was moaning harder, September or Owen.

September wriggled between them. She was filled, Owen thrusting beneath her, Katie plowing into her from above. “Gods, yes,” she moaned, “don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” Owen groaned beneath her.

She gave her a few more strokes with the toy before she spoke softly, leaning forward to kiss September’s back. “Let’s get Owen on top.” She slowly inched the toy out of her friend and lay down, making herself comfortable with the ample pillows decorating the bed.

September wasted little time climbing atop Katie. She straddled her, reverse cowgirl and pulled Owen to her. “More,” she begged him, “please give me more.”

He rose and faced her. He’d watched her and Katie use toys on eachother before and it was hot, but not like this. He’d never experienced anything like this before. Of course, that could be said of nearly every experience that he’d had with September. Watching the realistic toy cock sliding inside her, remembering the feel of her with the toy alongside him… it was incredible. Worried that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, he cupped her chin in his hands, kissing her lips gently before kissing her breasts and nipples, her flat stomach, sinking lower to kiss her soft mound.

He took his mouth to her, kissing and licking, flicking his tongue the way she liked best. She moaned above them, panting and pleading. “Please… more.” Her hands pulled at him, as she begged, “Please.”

He wasn’t going to last… he rose, pushing his cock back inside her, alongside the toy, groaning as he did. She moaned beneath him, between them. September was so hot. So wet. So swollen. So tight. He’d never felt anything like this before. He’d never done anything like this before. He was so close to cumming!

September was so filled that it was difficult to tell, but she thought his cock was harder than she’d ever felt it. It was such a relief that he was enjoying himself; she needed this. Often. She moaned in pleasure as she floated in bliss.

Katie whimpered beneath them. This was fun and hot and she wouldn’t miss it for the world but her little kitty had hardly been touched and this was driving her wild. She stroked September’s soft skin, teased her nipples as she and Owen filled her. September’s moans changed and she tried to push the toy deeper inside her friend as she came again, panting atop her.

Dear God, not yet! Owen thought to himself. September was orgasming again and Katie was whimpering beneath them and… and baseball… think about baseball! Not yet, he couldn’t finish so soon. He froze, trying to think of anything besides what was happening right in front of him.

September noticed that he was panting as hard as she was. His brows were scrunched in concentration as he tried to back away. He was such an amazing lover. She sighed, smiling, more relaxed than she’d felt in months. Now it was Katie’s turn.

Taking his cock in her hand, she guided him beneath her, between the straps of the harness, guided him into Katie’s wetness. He squeezed his eyes shut as he slipped inside her. She pulled his lips to hers, kissing him passionately as he pleased her friend. Katie bucked beneath her, beneath them. September moaned against Owen’s mouth.

Katie couldn’t help grinding against Owen as he drove his length into her, she didn’t know how September could take two of him at the same time. He shifted above her to find the angle and pace that she liked best, all three of them moaning and panting. “Oh m’god!” she cried as she came, Owen’s shaft coaxing her to orgasm and then prolonging it. “Ohhh!”

Katie came beneath him, the feeling of her, so hot and wet, tightening on his cock as she cried out… Not yet! he thought to himself furiously as he froze, yet again. He was going to come inside Katie. He’d never done that, only in September. He needed to pull out and…

September saw his eyes close and brows scrunch as he froze again, trembling. How he’d lasted this long, she couldn’t begin to imagine. Grabbing his hips, she pulled him closer, sinking his cock deeper into Katie. He fought against her and tried to pull out, but she’d caught him off-guard. “Cum in her, Owen,” she said softly, “let her feel you cum.”

He wanted to protest but it was already too late; her telling him to cum in Katie, Katie crying out beneath them. He grunted as his cock throbbed. Laying his head down on her shoulder, he panted, thrusting deeply. September gently stroked his hair while he emptied himself into her friend. THAT, he thought to himself, catching his breath, was incredible.

Catching his breath, Owen climbed off the two of them and watched as Katie tried to tickle September off of her. He stood before them, smiling. When did this become normal? he wondered. He shook his head fondly as he watched them; the tickling game had turned into a kissing game. How they had so much energy, he’d never know; he was drained. “You two…” he said with mock sterness as he sat on the bed beside them.

As one, they giggled and pounced on him, pulling him into the tickle-kissing game with them.

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