Figment’s Loss


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a huge fan of Wildstar. You may have also noticed that when NCSoft, those filthy pigs, announced that they were shutting down the servers that I went into hiding. It’s a little silly to be a grown woman and get so unbelievably sad about something like that, but if you are also a fan of Wildstar – you understand completely.

I had planned on writing a lot more erotic fanfic about Figs (see my story Figment of Nexus) but that announcement destroyed her libido. So there I was, at the 11th hour of Nexus, and I needed closure. Closure for me, closure for my toons.

So without further preamble, please enjoy my Wildstar mmorpg based erotic fanfic, Figment’s Loss…

Figment’s Loss

She walked the nearly empty streets of Thayd. Her shuffling steps taking her to where she’d bought her first mount, a gorgeous equivar, brown with brilliant blue eyes. She’d sent him, and all her other mounts and pets, with her friends that had fled Nexus. She couldn’t blame them for leaving, not when staying meant death.

“Come with me, Miss Figs,” Martyn had pleaded, “we’ll find a new Nexus. One without the Dominion.”

“I can’t, Mr Cedarshard,” Figment had replied, “Nexus is my home – I’ll have no other.”

He, like her other friends had tried to convince her… heartfelt arguments, pleading, bullying; but Figment wasn’t to be swayed. She’d fled Arboria as the planet was being utterly destroyed by the Dominion pigs. She’d felt the pain in her heart knowing all those groves were gone forever, knowing that she lived while Arboria died. She’d fled and left Arboria to burn alone. Had left the trees unprotected. Not again. She couldn’t go on with the loss of Arboria and Nexus.

So she hadn’t gone with Martyn or her other friends when the last ship left a week ago. She’d stayed. Straightened up the home she’d built by herself, a home high in the trees that had an incredible view looking down on Nexus. She visited other skyplots, marveling at the architectural genius of some of them… if only there were more time. But there wasn’t, Nexus would die, all of her unique flora and fauna gone. Vaporized in a careless, thoughtless moment.

Thayd was deserted. No vendors, nothing but trash blowing across the path like the tumbleweeds that Martyn had always spoke of. Hopping on her hoverboard, she headed out of Thayd, through the Grimhold quarantine zone to Celestion. The Mordesh that had succumbed to the wasting sickness were all the life, if she could call it that, left in Thayd. She dodged through them easily and was soon out under the open sky, flitterflies dancing above the flowers.

There were so many breathtaking spots on Nexus, but to her, none were as perfectly idyllic as Celestion. She sighed as she followed the road on her hoverboard; Figs would have much rather rode one of her equivars or woolies, but they were gone to safety, to a new life with her friends. She passed Sylvan Glade where Queen Myala had reigned from until fleeing for safety. Again. Hijunga Village was likewise deserted, the Lopps had fled, too. Whether they went with the Exiles or back to their home world of Lagos, or somewhere else entirely, she didn’t know. All of Celestion seemed quiet, even the wildlife that was always so ready to pounce seemed to hold its breath.

As she passed through Woodhaven, Figs finally realized where she was headed… back to the beginning. Back to Everstar Grove. Back in time to four and a half years ago, back when she was fleeing the destruction of her home world of Arboria. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought about that loss… and now Nexus. It was too much. She passed the Glenview Bulwark, now abandoned and useless with the Dominion gone. If only they’d never followed Dorian Walker here. If only that would’ve made a difference…

Figment sped down the path and went through the portal to Everstar Passage. Just past Bloodbloom Vale she slowed; Everstar Grove was a beautiful island and she wanted to take in the sights. Everything was quiet here, too. No Dominion, no aggressive animals, although she did see a huge heard of dawngrazers. Figs didn’t know when the end would come… maybe right now, or maybe next week. Either way, not enough time.

Mystwood Forest was just ahead, but West of the road, Figs caught a flash of white. Without even realizing, she veered off the path toward that flash, toward the beach. Today was a perfect day, the trinary suns reflecting off the clear blue-green water. The beach was what she needed. Hopping off her hoverboard, she dropped to the sand.

I should’ve brought my bikini, she thought to herself before realizing she didn’t need one, who’s going to see me… a dawngrazer? Still, this beach and the Celestial Falls had both been family gathering spots and wearing clothing had been strictly enforced.

She disabled her holo-wardrobe and stripped out of her gear, dropping it unceremoniously to the sandy beach, feeling the warmth of the suns on her bare skin. She lay back on the hot sand, feeling the wind and sunlight play over her lithe body, watching the shapes in the clouds. That one looks like a rowsdower, she thought, and that one looks like a jabbit! She sighed again, like her mounts, she’d given her pets new homes. They would survive. The breeze stirred her auburn hair, her tail swished lazily at her side as she breathed in the smell of Nexus.

“How is it you are here,” a soft voice spoke behind her, “when all others have fled?”

The years on Nexus made her reaction swift and instinctual, she stealthed and bounded away from her last spot before the words and voice registered… Drusera! Somehow she’d forgotten Drusera, had added her to the list of everyone that had fled; but how could she flee? She was linked to Nexus, a part of Nexus in some way Figs had never been able to figure out.

Blushing, Figs dropped her stealth and gave a hint of a curtsy, “Drusera, my apologies.”

“There’s no need to apologize, Figment,” the silvery, glowing ghost like apparition of a young, petite human that was Drusera stepped from the edge of the forest and nodded in acceptance of the curtsy, “Nexus demands such instincts.”

“You… you know who I am?” Figs stammered in surprise. To be known by Drusera! The honor! She found herself blushing anew.

“Figment Heartbreeze, Figs to your friends,” Drusera’s laugh was light, musical, “of course I know you.” Figs stood there in shock… Drusera knew her!

“I knew everyone on Nexus, after a fashion,” she continued, “but those who helped me, like you,” she added with a smile, “those I knew best.” A small frown played across her face as she approached, “And you, Figment, I know your strength, your perseverance… why haven’t you fled?”

“After Arboria… Nexus…” Figs tried to put her jumble of thoughts and emotions into words, throat catching as her feelings overwhelmed her.

Drusera lifted her chin and gently brushed the tears away, her touch tingled with something like electricity. “I understand, Figs,” her voice tight with emotion, “you Aurins have lost so much.”

The empathy in Drusera’s voice broke her and she fell to her knees, sobbing. Through her tears she saw Drusera’s tiny feet in front of her, felt herself pulled against Drusera’s hips and held tightly. Figs knelt before this petite goddess, face pressed against her stomach, sobbing like a child as Drusera stroked her hair.

After a time of listening to her soft, comforting words and feeling her gentle hands, Figs cried herself out. Releasing Drusera’s skirts, she dried her eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break down like that.”

Drusera’s answering smile warmed her heart, “Let us forget our worries, Figs.” She sank to the sand and patted the ground beside her. Figs joined her and they lay on the sandy shore together in silence for a time.

With a gasp, Figs sat up, eyes wide, “The Torine Sisterhood!”

Drusera sighed, “What could be saved was saved,” she shook her head slowly, “some of the Sisters have fled. Most with the Exiles, some with the Dominion. The remaining Sisters, including Tresayne, continue fighting the Strain in Wilderrun. They know nothing else. They want nothing else. Those Sisters who left have lost the gifts granted them by Vitara.”

Figs nodded slowly, some would survive, but their lives could never be the same. She was an honorary Sister, it shamed her that she’d not thought of their survival before this. Those strong and brave women would adapt and change, but they would survive. She missed her Sisters. She missed her friends and her pets and her way of life.

Drusera rose to her feet and pulled Figs up with her, “You are troubled. I’d like to show you something.”

“Of course.” She bent to retrieve her clothes.

“You’ll not need those.”

Figs eyed her quizzically but took the hand offered her. She felt a strange resonance in the air, and watched as a portal opened before them… another of Drusera’s gifts. Holding hands, they stepped through together.

This place was familiar to Figs, golden and glowing with exanite. “You’ve brought me back to your Dream?”

“Yes, Figs. In my Dream there are few limits to my abilities.” Drusera’s free hand made a small gesture and a seedling pushed up from the ground, purple leaves unfolding on the branches as it grew to a healthy sapling; the growth of years accomplished in seconds.

“A purple mangrove tree!” Figs was delighted, “I always wanted one for my skyplot, but could never find one! It’s beautiful, Drusera.”

Drusera smiled, “It is yours.”

“Thank you, Drusera.” Figs tried to keep the uncertainty out of her voice – what use to have a sapling for a handful of days? If even for that long. Still, it was a gift from Drusera and she’d treasure it and care for it until she couldn’t any longer.

Drusera gave a wry smile and continued, “There are extraordinary lifeforms that only exist on Nexus… that tree, several flowers and mammals like dawngrazers, vind and steamgliders.”

She nodded as Drusera continued, “I’d like for those life forms to continue on, Figment.”

“Surely the Protostar Corporation has…”

“They took no plant life,” Drusera shook her head sadly, “and the vind and steamgliders cannot exist on any planet but Nexus… yet.”

Figs found that odd, what did she mean by yet?

“I’d like to ask a favor of you, Figment.” When Figs nodded her assent she continued, “I would like you to make my existence meaningful.”

Now Figs was thoroughly confused… Drusera was something of a Goddess, revered by all on Nexus. “I… of course, but…” she drew a deep breath, “how?”

Drusera looked pleadingly at Figment, those faintly glowing white orbs holding her golden copper eyes. “I will arrange transport to a new, safe world. I will arrange contact with your fellow Exiles so they can join you, without the Dominion knowing. I ask that you take several animals and plants with you.” She took a deep breath, “And I ask that you help me to… change, so those life forms do not take the corruption of the Strain to the new world.”

Figs fell silent, unsure what to say. Such conflict in her mind! She wanted to stay. She wanted to help. She didn’t want to go on. She didn’t want to say no to Drusera.

“I realize how much I’m asking of you, Figment.” Drusera dropped to her knees and held Figments’ hands to her heart. “I beg you Figs, there is no other.”

Tears ran down her face as she nodded her assent. “I will do as you ask.”

Drusera sighed in relief, “I knew you would help me, Figment Heartbreeze.” She kissed her hands reverently, “I knew I could count on you. Thank you.”

Blushing furiously, Figs pulled Drusera to her feet. “What must I do?”

Drusera nodded and revealed her plan. She had an Ikthian ship, the Steel Serpent, waiting for her. It was suitable for transporting the lifeforms to the new planet. Drusera had it modified, she was just to care for the plants and animals during the flight. Two days out the ship would contact the rest of the fleet with the coordinates, the message itself would be from Drusera. Within a month the fleet would make landfall, Figs shortly thereafter.

She shook her head, “I don’t understand, Drusera… there were others that could have done this – and better. Why wait until the last moment. Why me?”

“Because I need from you that which no other is able to give me.” She held up her hand to forestall her, “The corruption of Nexus is a part of all that I create. The Eldans who created me did not understand, they tried to elevate themselves to godhood and created myself… and the Entity. He is the evil of their minds. If I can become “corrupted” I can become whole and safely create life for you to take to the new planet. I cannot allow myself to be corrupted by the Entity. Not by greed or hatred, envy or murder.” Drusera released her hands and pushed back her cowl. “I must be corrupted by life… I must be corrupted by you, Figment.”


“You want me to corrupt you?!” Figs gasped.

Drusera gathered her dress in her hands and pulled it over her head. “I’m asking you to lay with me, Figment.” Her dress fell to the ground beside them.

Figs stared at her in shock… She wanted what? Drusera stepped closer to her and wrapped her arms around Figs.

Drusera spoke uncertainty, “Help me, Figs, I don’t know how this is done.” She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, waiting to be kissed.

Figs felt the electric hum that accompanied Drusera’s touch. She put her lips to Drusera’s and shivered. Drusera yielded to her, pressing her body firmly against Figs; lips parting, tongues touching lightly. Figs pulled her closer, revelling in the feel of Drusera’s soft, petite body against hers. She felt her nipples stiffen and moisture flood to her mound. Drusera moaned softly against her lips.

Figs broke their kiss and brushed Drusera’s silvery hair from her large glowing eyes. “You’re so beautiful.” She pressed her lips against Drusera’s neck and felt the rapid pulse beating nearly as fast as her own.

Her lips kissed her neck and collarbone as her hands found her breasts. Her petite form had made many think of her as a child but her heavy breasts and rounded hips said she was surely a woman. Figs caressed her body, glorying in the electric energy, the softness and curves as she took her left breast in her mouth, and then her right. Gently kissing her nipples, teasing with her tongue as her hands explored Drusera’s firm body.

She sank to her knees as she kissed lower, lips sliding down her taut stomach. Kissing lower, the electricity grew as she gently placed her lips on Drusera’s cherry, the silky silver hairs tingling against her lips and chin. Drusera’s hand stroked her auburn hair, her hips pressed forward, encouraging her to continue.

She lowered her hands to Drusera’s rounded backside, incremental kisses taking lips lower and lower. Her tongue pushed forward gently between Drusera’s lips and felt the electricity intensify… surely her hair was standing on end by now! She could taste Drusera, sweeter than honey, lapping gently as she tasted that sweetness, nuzzling her clitoris with her upturned nose. Those tiny hands fisted in her hair, trapping her face against Drusera’s soft wetness.

“Ahhhhh…” Drusera’s musical voice held contentment as she moaned and Figs felt that sweet wetness flood her chin. Drusera released her head and pulled her to her feet. They kissed again, and Drusera sank down to a soft bed that hadn’t been there a second ago, pulling her down with her. Within seconds they were a tangle of limbs, holding each other tightly as they kissed, legs wrapped around each other, hips thrusting against one another.

Finding their rhythm, they held each other, moaning, rocking, grinding… erect nipples brushing against each other’s chest, tongues questing as their pleasure intensified, kisses interrupted by panting and moaning. Gasping they struggled together, their slender bodies, one pale, the other luminous; they pressed against one another in a frenzy of desire.

Figs could feel their juices flowing, dipping, mingling, the electric hum of Drusera’s body augmenting her desire. The hum intensified against her skin and she could hear Drusera gasping beneath her. She could still taste Drusera’s sweetness on her tongue, feel that electric hum where their bodies touched. Drusera’s eyes were closed, her head tilted back as she strained against Figs. They were panting, groaning, making little animal sounds of need.

Their movements shifted a little more as they struggled in their desire and then they were there… both of them crying out as the pleasure intensified, all thoughts gone as they climaxed together. Their movements slowed, stopped and they lay in each other’s arms, kissing softly.


Looking down on Drusera’s face, she seemed different. Her silvery skin had a hint of peach, her cheeks a shading of pink, her lips a touch of rose. When Drusera looked up into her eyes, she saw that her eyes were changed, too. No longer the glowing white orbs, but irises and pupils… irises a luminous silver-kissed version of Figments’ copper irises.

“Do I look so different?” Drusera asked breathily.

“A little, you’re somehow even more beautiful.” Figs brushed her silver hair reverently, that hadn’t changed. “Did you know this would happen?”

“I suspected, but I did not know.” Drusera sat up and traced Figs’ lips with her finger. “I can feel myself changing, Figs. You’ve done it.” She pulled Figs to her for a passionate kiss. “There is little time left, and much to be done. We must save what we can save.”

Figs watched as Drusera rose and made those now familiar motions of her hands, amazed as plants and trees appeared in the hydroponic containers the Exiles used for transport. Her breathing was labored several moments later when she turned to Figs with a triumphant smile. “It worked, Figs, but my strength fades.”

Drusera replaced her dress and gave Figs her gear… it was just there. As she finished dressing, Drusera was waiting with a portal open, she could see Wilderrun and a large ship through the portal. They stepped through together.

“The things you treasure most are on this ship,” Drusera heaved a deep breath, “but I feel different. Time is short, I can feel it.” She shook her head, determination strong on her face. Her gesture took in all the plant life she had created, “Would you load these while I finish?”

Figment began taking the plants, one by one and stowing them on the ship. By the time she was finished, Drusera began leading several adolescent dawngrazers, steamgliders, vind and pumera onto the ship. She stumbled as she walked, clearly weakened by the effort. Figs helped with the loading and soon they were done.

“I’ve altered them so they will thrive on the new world. And they do not carry the Strain.” She turned to Figment and smiled. “And now there’s one final thing.” Drusera walked to the purple mangrove sapling that was for Figment. Kneeling beside it she gently touched the tree.

Figs watched quietly as Drusera knelt before her… the tree grew stronger, leaves becoming more vibrant as Drusera herself seemed to fade. The silvery glow was getting faint. Figs was becoming worried, “Drusera…”

Drusera looked up with a sad smile, “Almost done, Figs.”

Before Figs could say more, Drusera faded before her, becoming transparent. “It is done. Care for this tree, Figs, it holds my essence.”

“Drusera!” Figs cried out in alarm. “Can’t you change yourself… can’t you come with me?”

Her voice was becoming as insubstantial as she was. “I’m sorry, Figs,” she sighed, “it was inevitable. When Nexus ends, so do I.” She shook her head, “But I have time left, it is not so bad as you fear.” Drusera gripped her hand, the grip was strong, despite her misty appearance. Figs helped her rise and held her in a tight embrace, tears streaming. Figs could remember a time when she never cried… that seemed so long ago.

Drusera kissed her gently, “It’s time for you to leave, Figs.”

She shook her head no, to deny it, but Drusera insisted. “What I have done, He will try to corrupt,” Figs knew she spoke of the Entity again and shivered, “you must go now, while I still have the strength to prevent it.”

A final embrace and Drusera faded in her arms. “Goodbye, Drusera.”

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she prepared for takeoff. She sank down in the captain’s chair and activated the program. Drusera had arranged everything. The ship took off and Figment watched Nexus dwindle behind her, a beautiful blue sphere circled by two smaller, one golden the other purple. The view of Nexus dwindled to a speck… another home lost. She sat there for hours, staring numbly out the window at nothing.

Figment felt something tugging at her mind. She went back to check on the animals. They were all penned and settled, she was the only uneasy lifeform aboard. She still felt the tugging. Then she found the source. It was the purple mangrove tree. It was taller, strong and vibrant. Touching a leaf in wonder she felt Drusera’s embrace and heard her voice whisper through her mind, “Farewell, Figment of Nexus…”

Racing back to the cockpit, Figment used the controls to scan for Nexus… it was gone. Vanished as it if never was. Not even debris. She had thought she was all cried out. She had been wrong.


Two restless days later, Figs was woken by the ships’ communicator. “Steel Serpent, this is the Ruin… come in Steel Serpent.”

“Serpent here, go ahead Ruin…” that voice sounded familiar.

“Serpent we received a message from… Drusera?” There was open disbelief in the voice. “Is that really you, Miss Figs?”

“It certainly is, Mr Cedarshard,” Figs replied with a smile, “and if that message involved coordinates, plug them in for our new home. Drusera has saved us all. She has found us a new Nexus, one without the Dominion.”

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