Dinner with Gina


Driving to the restaurant to meet her, I didn’t think I would be so nervous. This isn’t the first time I’ve been out. Or out with a woman. It has been a while, though. I must have wiped my palms on my little black skirt a dozen times in the 15 minutes it took me to get there.

I pulled into the lot and parked my car near Gina’s little red Focus. I wiped my hands on my skirt yet again. Why am I so nervous? I can feel my pulse racing and I haven’t even gotten in the door yet! Taking a steadying breath, I check myself in the rearview mirror one last time before going in… perfect! 😉

Walking across the parking lot to the restaurant, I pass a couple of young guys coming out. They both stop and stare at my breasts through my sheer shirt… ahh, a touch of normalcy. I feel better already. Flashing them a rather impudent grin I make my way up to the hostess without anymore nervousness.

“I’m here to meet someone,” I tell her. “She’s in her mid to late 20’s, has medium length blonde hair, about my height and big brown eyes.”

The hostess smiles, “Follow me, she’s waiting for you at the bar.”

I follow her to the bar, and sure enough, there’s Gina. She has a glass of something in front of her. She says hi and tells me she’s only been here for a moment herself. “What can I get for you?” she asks.

I’m not much of a drinker, but seeing her, I seem to be nervous again. “I’d better go with a cranberry and vodka… lots of cranberry, please. You look great, by the way,” I tell her.

She’s wearing a cute red sundress with a little black cardigan and black, strappy heels. She’s got amazing legs, I never noticed before. All the times I’ve seen her at the dry cleaners, she’s had khakis on. They don’t do her justice.

The bartender brings my drink and Gina and I make small talk for a bit. Nice weather, makeup tips… you know, girl stuff. After a few sips of my drink I’m already feeling a bit tipsy.

“We’d better get to the table before I finish this drink, or I won’t be able to make it there without help,” I tell her giggling. I’ve only had a third of my drink, but I’m already a bit giddy. Okay, I’m buzzed. I never claimed to be a big drinker. She looks at me, a bit surprised and a little questioning. “Cheap date,” I tell her with a laugh.

After a few moments we get seated. Gina chose a great restaurant; soft lighting, great décor and pretty much all of their tables are booths. We get a small booth all the way in the back corner.

The waiter brings us water, menus and some garlic breadsticks. The breadsticks here are awesome, but perhaps I shouldn’t… garlic, you know. Our conversation has died down and we’re both at a loss of words. After a moment I give her my theory on ‘first date foods’. Spaghetti is right out. A salad? Too cliché. After a little while I have her giggling and adding to the food list, our conversation flowing smoothly again.

We place our order when the waiter comes back and continue chatting. We’ve known each other casually for a while, but we really haven’t ever talked. Either she’s busy at the dry cleaners or I’m in a rush to get somewhere myself. We talk about music, food, movies and of course the dreaded politics subject. Luckily, we have pretty similar views. By the time our dinner comes, I’ve set aside my drink and I’ve moved on to an iced tea… I have to drive tonight.

Throughout dinner, we compliment each other. She’s really pretty… I suppose average would describe her, though it hardly sounds complimentary. She’s average height, average weight, has average sized breasts. But with her big eyes and ready smile, she’s so much more than just ‘average.’

We finish dinner and are still talking when the waiter returns again with the bill. She snatches it off the table before I can even reach for it, saying dinner is on her. I try to convince her to let me pay, but she won’t have it. After a little more playful arguing, she lets me leave the tip. Placing her hand on mine, she gently strokes it, telling me what a nice time she’s had.

“Thanks, Gina, I’ve had a great time, too” I tell her, smiling back. I smile even bigger when I feel her slowly rub her calf against my leg under the table.

“Maybe we could go somewhere else tonight,” she suggests. When I ask what she has in mind she says maybe the park down the road, telling me how beautiful it is at night. I smile at her reflecting on how I fell for that line once in high school.

“That sounds nice,” I reply, “would you like me to drive there?” She’s had several drinks over dinner. If I drank that much I’d need our waiter, the hostess and the cook to carry me out!

We both walk out to my car. She’s steady on her feet, I guess she can hold her liquor, and I get the door for her. We buckle ourselves in and head I to the park.

“Mmmm,” she says, “you drive a stick.” I laugh and agree. A stick shift makes driving sexy! As I drive us to the park, she softly strokes my hand and arm as I shift. It’s amazing how soft her hands are. The park is only a short distance from the restaurant and within a moment or two we’re there. I park so we’re overlooking the lake. It’s a beautiful view, the night is clear and the water looks like ink as a light breeze ripples the surface.

As we talk about nothing in particular, holding hands, I can feel the tension building. It’s that adrenalin rush that always comes in times like this. Especially when she takes my hand and places it on her leg. My breath catches as I look over at her – she’s staring intently at me. Her hand guides mine further up her leg to her thigh and she lets out a little breath. Her skin is so soft, and softer still the further my hand slides up her leg.

Shifting in my seat to face her, I give her a smile and move my hand slowly up her thigh a little higher. Moaning, she takes her hand off mine, slowly running it up my arm and across my chest to my neck. She leans across to me and pulls me to her for a kiss.

It’s a very light kiss at first, a bit hesitant. I can taste the wine she had at dinner on her lips and my heart skips a beat. I squeeze her thigh a little firmer and our kiss deepens. Her lips, tongue and mouth are so much softer than a man’s. I can feel my pulse racing again. She runs her hand down from my neck to my breast, teasing my already erect nipples through the sheer fabric of my shirt.

I move my hand off her thigh and slowly run it up her hip, her ribs, softly across the sides of her breast and to her shoulder. Brushing her hair off her neck, I lightly kiss her chin and jaw. A small sigh escapes her as my hand goes back to her breast, slowly caressing it through her dress. She’s a woman after my own heart; Gina isn’t wearing a bra either.

“I love this shirt on you,” she tells me, moving her hand from one breast to the other. Her other hand strokes my leg and slowly moves up under my skirt to my thigh.

I feel her nipple harden further beneath the thin fabric of her dress as my mouth finds her ear. Kissing it gently I have to move closer to her as she arches her back to press her breast firmly against my hand. My lips move down to her neck and I can feel her pulse racing as I kiss her softly, slowly moving down to her collarbone.

“Your skin is so soft,” I tell her, kissing her collarbone and chest.

I feel her smile as my mouth finds hers and when our tongues touch again, I feel her moving her hand even further up my thigh, pushing my legs apart. I feel a little embarrassed over how wet she’s made me, she’s sure to find out soon.

I manage to unbutton her sweater and pull it off her, delaying the moment that she feels my wetness. I reach behind her and unzip her dress, slowly pulling the top of the sundress down, exposing her breasts. I quickly replace her dress with my mouth on her left breast, gently kissing the top and the sensitive underside. She moans again, telling me that she loves that and puts her hand back on my leg. As I move to her right breast, softly kissing, she moves her hand up to my thigh. My mouth finds her nipple and I tease gently it with my tongue. I can’t help but whimper as she lightly brushes a finger across my soft mound, gently stroking me through the thin fabric of my silky panties.

Taking one hand from her breasts, I place it on her knee and quickly run it up her thigh, pushing her legs apart and gently stroking her through her panties. I’m not the only one turned on; she’s as wet as I am. She pulls me up with her other hand and we pull my top down together, exposing my breasts.

“Now it’s my turn” she tells me and puts her mouth on my breasts.

Oh my goodness, her mouth feels even softer on my breasts and nipples. Her licks and kisses feel so good on me that I forget to do anything; it’s all I can do to stroke her hair as I arch my back and moan. Feeling her hand gently teasing me through my panties, I can’t help but respond, spreading my legs apart and pushing my hips against her stroking. Moving my panties to the side, she slowly slides a finger inside me as she moves her mouth to my other breast. I moan louder and she tugs at my panties to take them off me.

I lift my hips further off the seat and she pulls them down… a little tough in a car, but we manage. Pushing my skirt up over my hips, she uses both hands, stroking my thighs and chest, at the same time turning me so that I’m leaning against the door while facing her. All the while her soft mouth is on my breasts; kissing them better than they’ve ever been kissed. Her hands move back to my pussy, completely drenched now, and she quickly slides her fingers inside me as her other hand finds my clit.

Oh my goodness, her hands feel so good! So soft, so hot. I moan louder and start to say something about waiting. She looks up at me and shakes her head no. And then her mouth is on mine again, deeply kissing me as her hands work me into a panting frenzy. It’s all I can do to hold on to her as she does, I’m already about to cum. I can barely kiss her back from moaning, my god, I’m so close already! She’s absolutely amazing with her hands.

Taking her mouth from mine, she kisses my neck softly and somehow it makes her hands feel even better on and inside me. “I like to hear you moan” she says, kissing me gently, and I oblige.

“Yes… yes,” I gasp, moving my hips against her hands. She moves her mouth back to my breasts and as soon as her soft lips touch my nipple I nearly scream from the pleasure. “I’m cumming,” I pant, whimpering and moaning as she continues to stroke me with her hands. I can feel my wetness soaking my thighs and her hands as I shivers from the orgasm coursing through my body.

“Mmmm,” she whispers to me, “cum for me, ” and somehow just hearing her say that makes me cum even harder.

Finally, my orgasm subsides and I’m left panting. She moves her mouth to my neck and I moan again, as another shock of bliss runs through me. “O’mgod, Gina,” I breathe, “that was amazing.” She just smiles that beautiful smile and kisses me rather thoroughly.

She slips her sundress back up and asks me to help her with her zipper. “But Gina,” I ask breathily, “don’t I get to please you?”

“That’s for next time,” she smiles…

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