Closing Time at the Library


It was just another ordinary day at the library; a few people doing research, the smell of books and the fluorescent lights humming overhead. All my work was done and I’d lost interest in my book three hours ago. Chin in my hand, staring off at nothing, I’m jolted back to awareness.

“I’m sorry,” I say blushing, “I must have been daydreaming,” and perhaps I still am, what a looker this one is… he makes me wish I had a less conservative job! Long dark hair, tall and fit with beautiful eyes. They seem to shift between golden brown and green depending on the angle of the light. His eyes really are quite hypnotizing. I realize that I’m grinning my mischievous I-want-you grin and I attempt to compose myself.

“No problem” he replies, “I’m looking for reference material.” He smiles back at me and having noticed my reaction to him he blatantly runs his eyes down to my chest while he elaborates on his query.

A breast man, I think, smiling, I’ve just the thing for him! “Of course I can help you find what you want… follow me.”

As I lead him through the deserted stacks we chat a little as we study each other. I’d love to say more but I have to restrain myself because of my job. I’m already pushing the limits of “proper” behavior with my flirting and preening. We quickly arrive at the appropriate shelf. Kneeling down to get the book I take the opportunity to study more of him… nice, very nice.

“Here’s your book,” I tell him rising slowly so he has ample time to enjoy my cleavage. “If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know… but we close in 20 minutes.”

“Thanks, I won’t be long.” He promises, taking the book to the tables.

Resuming my post at the front desk I see the few people that were studying here have packed up. There’s only one straggler left but she’s headed toward the door now. I won’t have to kick anyone out tonight, that’s always a relief. I start cleaning up and getting ready to leave for the day.

Just as I’m finishing cleaning up he comes back up front. “Did you find everything you wanted?” I ask with a grin, leaning over the desk to best display my… assets.

“Well, now I have” he replies, admiring the view. “Too bad you’re closing,” he says, brushing a fingertip along my breast as he returns the reference book.

His fingertip sends shivers through my body, I can feel my nipples responding to his touch. Ohhh, yes… “Perhaps that’s not a bad thing,” I reply, just a bit breathless. His response is a smile that makes my knees weak. “Let me lock up, then I can show you my office.”

I scan the library to be sure it’s empty except for us and lock the doors. “Follow me,” I say, starting towards my office, “it’ll be more fun this time,” I elaborate with a wink as I lead him through the library.

“Here we are,” I say, closing the door to my private office behind us. As I begin unbuttoning my shirt he says nothing, just watching quietly as I undo each tiny button, revealing more and more of my generous breasts. “Help me finish,” I tell him. He comes close to me, unbuttoning my blouse the rest of the way. It falls to the office floor leaving me in just my bra and skirt. He runs his hands over my breasts, feeling their firmness and weight, feeling my hardened nipples beneath the lacy fabric, caressing them with his strong hands.

I can’t stop myself from touching him. I feel his firm body beneath his clothes. Reaching up under his shirt, I feel his soft skin. Mmmm, firm and soft, so perfect. I can feel him reaching behind me, struggling a bit with the bra closure. I giggle a bit… bras for breasts this big have at least 4 snaps! He’s determined though and in no time my bra slips to the floor – if a 38DD bra can be said to slip anywhere.

“Much better,” he says and I nearly purr from the way he strokes my breasts. My hands slip down and I find proof that he’s a breast man. Feeling his hardness makes me think… where did I put that lotion?

I pull him deeper into my office so I can reach my desk. My lotion is in the top drawer…

“Sit here,” I tell him, pointing to my chair. He reaches back up as he settles in my leather office chair, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples. I lower my chest to him so he can put his mouth on me.

As he plays with my breasts, burying his face in my cleavage, stroking and licking, caressing and kissing; I undo his pants taking his beautiful cock out. What a lovely piece; it’ll feel so good between my breasts!

Squeezing lotion into my hand, he takes his mouth from my nipple, pulls off his pants and leans back to watch while slowly striking his hardness. I spread the lotion onto my breasts, making them nice and slick for him. Lowering myself down to my knees in front of him, I rub a little lotion onto his straining dick just in case there isn’t enough on my breasts.

He moans softly as I wrap my breasts around his cock. Slowly I move up and down so he can feel the warmth and softness of my breasts. I feel him stiffening further as I wiggle my boobs on his shaft.

I slide my breasts up and down on him, changing my speed… faster, taking him close to cumming and then slower, so he won’t. I love the sound of his lowered breathing. There’s almost a little pant to it as I stroke him up and down, up and down with my beautiful titties. Feeling his hard cock sliding between my breasts is making my little pussy very hot and very wet.

I love the way his cock looks, swollen and slick with oil, sliding between my tits. I don’t think he can take much more of this; his cock is so hard, I can feel it throbbing between my breasts. His breathing is more of a whimper and he whispers to me, “Please, I have to cum…”

“Mmmm, yes… cum for me” I tell him working his cock between my slick breasts. I move in a faster rhythm, squeezing them together hard, then soft… then a little faster. His hands grip my forearms, squeezing me as I service his cock.

“Yes… now,” he says, groaning as he releases me, favoring the arms of my leather office chair with a white-knuckled grip.

I keep my breasts moving on him, “Yes cum for me,” I tell him and within seconds I feel his cock throbbing hard and his hot cum spraying my chest and neck, slicking me up more as I continue to work his beautiful shaft until he’s cum every last drop.

He’s spent, so I sit up and rub his cum slowly all over my breasts and nipples. I keep playing with my cum-covered breasts as I enjoy watching him get dressed. “It’s good for your skin you know,” I say looking up at him, still hot from rubbing his load all over my chest and nipples. I love working here!

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