A Cup of Coffee


I awoke to the sun streaming in my window… I’d overslept! Stumbling downstairs bleary-eyed, I head for the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

Realization hits as soon as I touch the cupboard – I’m completely out of coffee beans. I may have time to grab a cup on my way to work, as long as I don’t dawdle.

The shower is steamy and the hot water feels great as I lather myself up. As I soap my breasts up, I’m reminded of the dream I had last night. I don’t know who he was, but his hands certainly felt good on my breasts. My nipples instantly respond and despite the hot shower, I shiver. Mmmmm. A fantastic dream. First his hands were on them, then his mouth and then… wait, I’m going to be late!

I hurriedly finish washing and launch myself out of the shower. Getting dressed in my usual outfit: black skirt with a sexy lace shirt and a conservative suit jacket to hide the sexy shirt.

Grabbing the rest of my things and locking up, I hop into my car and start off to work. I’ve barely got time to stop for coffee. I pass by the Starbucks I usually go to; it’s so busy that I’d still be waiting in line ten minutes after I’m supposed to start work. Forget the coffee, just get to work… no I really want my coffee. I continue arguing with myself as I drive to work

Ahead of me I see a sign in a window proclaiming ‘HOT COFFEE’ and better still, there’s only a single truck in the parking lot. This should be quick and it’s got to taste better than the nasty swill they call coffee at the library. I swing into the lot and step inside.

I see the coffee and a young man, who I assume is the owner of the truck, busy making himself a cup. I step next to him and my jaw drops… holy cats! He got the last of the pot. This just isn’t my day. I look around searching for something else to get instead. I see a lot of things to buy, but nothing looks better than the coffee that young man is now paying for. With a sigh I head out to my car. Guess I’ll have a cup of that nasty stuff at work. Eck, I tremble thinking about it.

I hear a voice near me, “Cute car.”

Hmmm? I’m so busy cursing my bad luck that I didn’t even notice the young man standing next to me.

“Thanks,” I reply, shooting a covetous glance at his coffee.

He quirks an eyebrow, “Having one of those mornings?”

“Yes,” I agree fervently, “one of those mornings.”

“I think I know something that will help,” he says grinning as he waves his coffee in front of me like a hypnotist. It works; my eyes follow the cup back and forth… back and forth.

“You have no idea how right you are,” I tell him with a smile; I’m not quite sure what’s better, the coffee or the man teasing me with it. Something about him reminds me of the dream last night.

He tries to hand his coffee to me, but I fend him off. “What about you? I can’t take your coffee.”

He insists it’s okay, I insist it’s not… it’s almost comical. “Perhaps we could share it?” I suggest, stepping in close, eyeing him up and down with a naughty smile.

He’s speechless and his pants have become, well, a little snug in the front. I smile even wider. “Do you mind being a little late for work?” He shakes his head no. “Your car or mine?” I ask.

We hop into his truck… good choice, it’s pretty roomy, especially compared to mine. He starts it up and turns up the heater. It’s early fall and we’re both a little chilled from standing outside and talking. He passes the cup to me and I take a sip. It’s great coffee, but now I’m in the mood for something else.

“This is really good,” I say handing the cup back. “Thank you…” I realize I haven’t learned his name yet. We go over basic introductions, it seems he comes here almost every morning before work.

His truck is starting to get really warm, so I unbutton my jacket. He gives a start when he looks at my top. “You say you’re a librarian?” he asks.

“Yes,” I can’t help giggling, ”I hear that all the time. It’s quiet and I like to read.”

There’s also a certain something I enjoy about pretending to be reserved, it enhances times like this when I’ve stopped pretending.

“How can I thank you for sharing your coffee with me?” I smile, sliding a little closer and putting my hand on his arm, flirting for all I’m worth. He doesn’t seem able to answer but if his pants get any snugger there may be a problem! “Maybe we should go somewhere a little more private.”

He agrees and we pull around to the back of the store. Good enough for me. I set the coffee in the cup holder and turn to face him. I take a deep breath; it has the most amazing effect on my breasts, as the look on his face proves. I pass my hand across his chest and thinking again of that dream I had last night, I place his hand on my breast. He tries to pull away, but I hold him there. He quickly gives in and begins softly stroking the tops of my breasts.

“Mmmmm,” I smile and remove my bra using that amazing girl magic that allows us to remove them without taking off our shirts. Now he can easily see my large breasts through my sheer lacy shirt.

He mumbles something that sounds equal parts amazed and relieved as he puts his hands back on my breasts. I just laugh a bit, pushing my breasts against his hands, slowly moving my hand down his chest and stomach. As I approach his jeans he slips his hands under my shirt. We both moan a little as his fingers lightly pinch my already erect nipples.

Just as my hand reaches his jeans his mouth is on mine… his kisses are hesitant at first, but as I unsnap the first button on his jeans and start on the second, they become more forceful. As I’m sure mine feel; his hands on my breasts are driving me wild.

I manage to get his jeans unsnapped and lightly tease his cock through the thin fabric of his boxers. He feels so hard; I moan against his mouth and feel a rush of heat coursing through my body. I pull one of his hands off my breasts and place it on my leg, just above my knee.

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” I moan as his hand slides further up my leg and under my skirt. He gets to the top of my thigh-high and stops, unsure how much he’s allowed to do. I push his hand up onto the bare skin of my thighs and spread my legs further apart so I can feel his hand on my lacy panties. He teases me through the thin fabric and I gasp loudly, quickly soaking my panties with my wetness.

I manage to free his cock from his boxers and my panties are instantly even wetter. What an amazing cock! It’s so hard and so beautiful, I love the way it feels in my hand as I slowly stroke up and down… softer and firmer, faster and slower.

I use my other hand to lift my shirt up over my breasts and pull his mouth down to my nipples. His cock throbs in my hand. Feeling the wetness of pre-cum on his cock, I can’t wait any longer. I want more… now! I pull his mouth off my breasts and he looks at me questioningly… had he gone too far? I just push him back in his seat and face him, kneeling on the seat, face down and ass up in the air to put my mouth on that lovely cock.

We both moan as my lips wrap around him… he tastes so good! I take him all the way down and moan again as his cock pushes against the back of my throat. Up and down I stroke him with my lips and tongue. He’s so hard and moaning so exquisitely I can feel myself getting even wetter, my thighs are slick with my juices.

I feel my skirt pulled up and his hand slips between my legs, pushing my soaked panties aside and sliding a finger inside me. I gasp and moan loudly on his cock. I feel his cock twitch and I’m rewarded with more of his delicious pre-cum. “Mmmm.”

Rubbing his balls with my hand, I slide my mouth up and down his cock, faster and firmer, moaning as his fingers tease me. Between my mouth on his cock and his fingers working my pussy, the truck is filled with moans, sighs and wet noises.

“You’re so wet,” he says putting his fingers to his mouth to taste me, “and you taste so good.”

I just moan on his cock, wiggling my ass as he slides my panties off me, taking him even deeper into my throat, thinking how badly I want this gorgeous cock inside me. Quickly, his fingers are inside me again and he strokes my clit with his thumb. I can’t help moving my hips in time to his stroking and before I know it, I’m right on the edge of cumming. As I whimper and moan on his cock he starts thrusting into my mouth in time with his fingers inside me. I taste more pre-cum and wonder if his cum tastes as good.

The thought of tasting his cum pushes me over the edge and I orgasm fiercely, drenching his hand; I’m unable to keep my mouth on his cock as I cry out, riding his fingers, shivers running through me. As it subsides I go back down on him. He continues to lightly tease my clit, making me moan as my whole body twitches with the sensation. I think he likes the way my mouth feels when I moan on his cock.

“Did you cum good, babe?” he asks me.

“Ummm,” I moan on him, burying my face in his lap so his cock is as completely in my mouth as it will go. I can feel his balls against my lower lip and I open my mouth a little wider so I can put my tongue on them while he’s still in my throat.

He moans again, moving his hips and I match his pace, sucking him harder and faster. Soon I hear my favorite phrase…

“I’m gonna cum,” he gasps.

“Mmmm-hmmm,” is my reply, not slowing and I shudder again thinking of tasting him. “Mmmm.”

“Right now, babe…” he says, “Right now,” and I can feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, spraying my throat. I move my mouth to the tip of his cock, opening wide, tongue still teasing, my hand stroking his shaft. I can feel his cum squirting in my mouth, landing on my tongue. His cum is delicious; I gently suck and lick him until there isn’t a drop left. Slowly taking my mouth off him, I kiss the head of his cock, making him twitch and moan.

Sitting up, I begin getting presentable for work; according to the clock in his truck, I’m going to be later than if I’d just gone to Starbucks. I’m ready except for my panties… I can’t find my panties!

“Are you looking for this?” he says, holding up the coffee, “Or these?” he continues, holding up my lacy panties, “I’ll give up my share of the coffee if I can keep them.”

Walking back to my car, I smile, sipping my coffee contentedly… this won’t be the first time I’ve gone to work without any panties.

Pulling out my cell phone, I call work, “I’m running a bit late this morning…”

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