Book review: I, Zombie by Hugh Howey


The holidays are upon us again, and much like a ravenous hoard of zombies, there’s no easy way to escape… sure, you may make it out alive but you’ll have scars. So in honor of the holidays, let’s talk about I, Zombie by Hugh Howey.

I, Zombie by Hugh Howey

I, Zombie

Hugh Howey has written a truly unique story. The tale unfolds during a zombie outbreak in New York City. I, Zombie is told through the eyes of several different… zombies. I was going to say people, and perhaps I still should as a human consciousness is trapped inside each of the undead, blurring the line between monster and victim.

Each zombie experiences the outbreak differently. One thought she was the only one “conscious”, another that she was paying for her sins, while another fought to master control over her unresponsive zombie shell. There are several former people in this story, each with unique perspectives.

We follow the un-lives of these un-dead as they roam the various neighborhoods of New York City. Roaming in packs or hoards of decaying flesh, following their uncontrollable urges in un-death as they followed other urges in life. Child and adult, native New Yorker and tourist, black and white, junkie and prepper… they all tell the same story. Trapped now as the walking dead, just as they were trapped before in their “normal” human existence.

Hugh Howey’s writing is awesome, as descriptive of the tortures of the mind as he is of the tortures of the flesh. I, Zombie is a tale of warning against complacency in our daily lives that we should all be wary of. If you can handle the gory descriptions, several parts had me cringing, this is a must read. I can easily say it’s the best book about zombies that I’ve ever read. Check it out from your local library today!

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