Back from my break & changing directions

Hello, friends. I hope you had a good month (or two) without me. I thank you for all the emails while I was away, I <3 my penpals!

As you know my original plan to drive across the country didn’t work out. Maybe one day, if enough consumers tell manufacturers to stop using toxic fragrances in their products, or if by some miracle the fragrance industry gets some much needed regulation, I’ll be able to. Until then, however, I’ve decided to post my auctions, drawings and erotic stories. Of course, I’ll still post my topless and nude pictures for you to enjoy! But living with the limitations of severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is difficult and I don’t want to focus upon it… it becomes all-consuming.

So please pardon my website mess as I change gears. I welcome any suggestions and submissions, be it a story about a sexy encounter, your wife (or somebody else’s spouse), erotic fanfiction or erotic art that you’ve created. I appreciate your help in making my naughty library of erotic stories and art grow!

XoXoX – Dawn

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