An update with pics

The internet has changed in many ways since I began posting topless and nude pics over 20 years ago; some good changes (Rule 34) and some bad (the loss of net neutrality).

Although creating a website is easier than ever, having your website found is harder. After tallying the cost of the extras required for proper SEO, I have decided to put my domain,, up for sale and move to Blogger. After all, it shouldn’t cost a gal anything to show her boobs!

Online there are so many naughty librarians that, as a naughty librarian, I’m redundant. I’m also recently retired. So instead, you will find me there by my twitter name: PeppermintPanty.

This is my final post on this site, new posts will be posted at my new home,PeppermintPanty, on Blogger / Blogspot. I will also be moving old posts there. I hope you’ll visit me on Blogger – I’ve got two big handfuls of topless pictures that I can’t wait to show you!


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