About me

A little about the naughty librarian… my name is Dawn and I’ve been a librarian for a long time. As a result I will not tolerate running, speaking loudly or the mistreatment of books!

I’ve always been an exhibitionist and enjoy the tensions of keeping my private life a secret. I like to wear sexy lingerie or a sheer top without a bra under my conservative clothes; it’s thrilling to know that I may be found out! I’ve posted topless, nude and downright naughty pictures and videos online for years. Occasionally I’ve been recognized but I’ve never been outed at work. Don’t tell or I’ll cut up your Library Card!

Smart is sexy; knowledge, reading, playing tabletop RPGs and even video gaming – pure sex, right there! For me, intelligence has always been a bigger turn-on than money or muscles. My only turn-offs are bigotry and man-perfume… and both are pretty easy to avoid.

I’m a creative person and my high libido usually shows in my work. I’ve drawn and painted all my life but I’m beginning to make the switch to digital art. I also enjoy writing erotica and do take story requests from time to time. Although I’m having so much fun exploring my dominant side and playing with rope that my writing and drawing has suffered recently!

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that you find the erotica you’ve been looking for!

XoXoX – Dawn