The Story of the Naughty Librarian…

Once upon a time there was a librarian named Dawn. She loved to read books… and she loved to be naughty. She spent her days being good and her evenings.. well, she spent them being not good.

Then one day the Naughty Librarian got exposed, and not in a good way! She was exposed to a huge amount of lawn chemicals. Suddenly the librarian didn’t feel so naughty… she felt sick!

Soon she found out that she was now getting sick from chemicals in everyday products – cleaners, body washes, laundry detergents and dryer sheets – within a few weeks she couldn’t work anymore. After a few more weeks she couldn’t even stay indoors anymore!

Now Dawn the Naughty (ex)Librarian gets lots of fresh air in the country. She occupies her days with naughty diversions like reading and writing erotic stories and fanfic or by drawing sexy nudes.