About the naughty librarian


Dawn the naughty librarian is many things. An exhibitionist, a writer of erotica, an amateur artist, an avid reader and a small-time 5e DM… that’s Dungeon Mistress, tyvm!


I have always enjoyed wearing provocative clothing. Like low cut or sheer tops that show of my big boobs… or, better yet, low cut and sheer tops. Living in the middle of Conservative Town, USA makes it even more fun! Nobody is expecting to see a beautiful pair of boobs. The smiles I bring when they realize that they are indeed seeing what they think they’re seeing – priceless. It’s even more fun posting topless and nude pictures and naughty videos online… I have a wider audience! Be sure to check out my sexy eBay auctions.

Erotic stories

I used to dread every writing assignment I ever received. But several years ago a friend I met through a naughty picture sharing site began emailing his erotic stories to me and encouraged me to write. So I did write. I began with an erotic paragraph or two and continued writing until I was writing erotic stories. I’ve even written a few erotic fanfic stories.

Drawing and painting

Creating is an important part of my life. I enjoy drawing with graphite and charcoal and painting with watercolors. Most of what I’ve been creating has been mundane, however, I’m beginning to incorporate a touch of naughtiness in my work. Watch for sexier drawings in the future.


Although I enjoy many, I have two favorite authors: Kurt Vonnegut and Robert Jordan. At any time, if you ask me what I’m reading, it’ll be something by Vonnegut or Jordan. I commonly read at least two books simultaneously… a chapter or two from a Vonnegut or Jordan book then a chapter or two from another. I started to do this when reading a dry, instructional book; it makes it much easier to digest. Talk books with me – I love it!

Dungeon Mistress

Yes, I fully realize it’s Dungeon Master and for some, Game Master… however I’m in charge, so I make the rules! I run a small group playing 5e (fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons). Until recently, I hadn’t played since 3e, so I had some catching up to do! We play a combination of official adventures, one shots from my favorite creator, Filbar, and my own creations – which tend to be naughtier than the others.

Dawn the naughty librarian

To sum myself up, I’m an exhibitionist, starving artist, erotic writer, avid reader and small time DM. In short, I’m a lover of all things erotic and creative. I’m also very friendly so feel free to drop me a line, or leave a comment… being an exhibitionist is more fun if one receives positive feedback!