A very odd week

This past week I was in southern Georgia for my first work-trade, which was so odd an experience that it may also be my last work-trade.

The situation sounded perfect, 25hrs a week cleaning up the grounds of an 80+ acre naturist resort and helping care for dogs and a senior horse for use of a bathhouse. I was a little concerned for when it got busy, more people always means more exposure to fragrance, but I agreed to stay until it either got too busy or the owner found a new worker.

My first few days I did five and six hours a day clearing branches, cleaning horse stalls and pasture, pool maintenance, etc and all was great. Then last Monday I walked up on the owner and a guest while they were commenting on not having mail service because of Martin Luther King Day and they looked at me and paused… so I said “He was a great man.” Boy, did it get quiet. So I kept on with my work and passed the pet cemetery where I then noticed this for the first time:

Seriously?! Let’s zoom in on that…

Tarbaby? Pardon my explicit slang, but wtf? This isn’t a pre 1950 graveyard where people didn’t realize they were being racist dicks… this is within the last 15 years. That explains why they didn’t agree that MLK was a great man!

Although I was disgusted by the racism, the owner was apparently even more disgusted by my acceptance because she got nasty. I’d ask where something was, like a shovel, and get a rude comment that I’d already been shown and should know by now. The huge branches I’d pulled to the burn piles weren’t in the right place and had to be redone. No thank you’s for any of the extra work I’d done, just more barked orders and attitude. For days I put up with the rudeness, trying to kill it with kindness to no avail.

I’ve never walked out on a days work in my life. I’ve stuck out even the most awful jobs till the end of the day. This was the first time in my life that I’ve quit in the middle of work to be done. After attempting to confirm that I had the instructions correct I was given nasty attitude again… I just threw up my hands and said “That’s it, I’m done,” walked to my minivan and left. And get this… the B thought I was going to steal her crappy walkie-talkies! Wow. Just wow.

So here I am, back in Florida in the warmer weather. Although I was at a naturist resort (aka nudist) I was so busy I never even had the opportunity to take any pictures, but I’m already making up for that!

btw, Happy belated Martin Luther King Jr Day! He was an amazing man that fought with peace. If you have a problem with that then you need to keep your racist self away from my blog because there is absolutely nothing here that’s meant for you.